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Gimmicks Can Work

Backcarebasics.com shows this popup when a new visitor lands on site— I entered my email just to see what was behind Discount Code Will Appear Here.

Faceless Customer Service

In my opinion showing a faceless man is the creepiest way to draw attention to your customer service number—

The Right Advertisement to the Right Audience

LDproducts.com is a site that used to only sell printer supplies. I first visited ldproducts.com a few years ago, since then they’ve expanded to a whole line of office supplies. When I went to their site recently I saw this homepage overlay message— This overlay is a home run because— A. It’s only targeted to visitors who last visited when ldproducts.com …

Unique About Us Page

Cadence is a watch brand. Here is a screenshot of the top section of their About Us page— I love 2 things about it— 1: As you scroll down the page the brand story is revealed, and it’s written really well and presented in a highly readable way.2: As you scroll down to read About Us content, from the left …

Make Me Feel Special

I was on scrapbook.com and noticed this clever email signup popup— “Shhh..don’t tell anyone.”— makes me feel special.“HINT: We’ve got one running right now.”— creates urgency and makes me want to signup right away.

Clever Way to Capture Email

On horse.com this popup appears on landing pages— Couple observations— 1: Well designed.  Design matters. 2: Creates sense of urgency via Limited Time ONLY! banner.  Could be more effective if they showed dynamic date.  Example— Offer Ends [current date + 4]. 3: They use a non-generic promo code (0EC211Y8IJ).  This is an important detail because when shoppers see generic coupon …

When Something Needs to Be Highlighted, Highlight the Heck out of It

Zappos.com is proud of its free shipping free returns policy.  So they want to ensure every visitor sees it.  When you first land on their homepage (does not repeat during session) they play a short but prominent animation to highlight free shipping free returns (top right corner of the video below)—

Interesting— Pay with Two Debit/Credit Cards

Apple.com presents an interesting option on their payment page (red arrow in screenshot below)— When “Pay with two debit/credit cards” is clicked an additional payment option appears where you can split payment between two credit/debit cards— Does this add friction or solve a problem?

Great Email Marketing Subject Line

Add a personal annual calendar reminder for April 1st so you too can send an email like this to your list on April 2nd (assuming sending occasional sales emails is part of your email marketing strategy).

A Request

Please don’t force browsers to show a warning message that could freak shoppers when they land on your site.  I saw this when I visited halfpricedrapes.com from my desktop computer— Without even seeing actual opt-in rates for this pop-up I can bet it’s less than 15%.  And the 15% that do allow halfpricedrapes.com to know their location probably click it …

Micro Conversions Matter

Labrada.com is a sports nutrition site that sells to people who are into bodybuilding and losing weight.  They understand that once a shopper believes in the Labrada brand they’ll buy Labrada nutrition products on a regular basis.  This is why when a new visitor comes to their site they don’t aggressively push product sales.  Their primary goal is to get …

Come out and Say It

3ACTIVE is a brand of 3D glasses by Dimensional Optics (dimensionaloptics.com).  3Dglassesunlimited.com is an e-tailer that competes against Dimensional Optics.  Makes sense so far?  Ok. I Googled 3ACTIVE and this paid ad appeared on my screen— With a juicy message like What 3active Owners Wish They Knew. Before Buying – Avoid Regret! it’s impossible to not click the ad.  Clicking the …

Coupon Codes Page

Shari’s Berries (berries.com) knows shoppers are trained to hunt for coupon codes.  Instead of having shoppers visit sites like retailmenot.com or coupons.com Shari’s Berries wants to keep coupon searchers on their site.  So they’ve created a page that lists their current coupons.  This is a win-win for both the shopper (convenience) and retailer (saving on affiliate fees, plus preventing a site like …


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