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Our Philosophy

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We specialize in making product pages convert 20% better in 90 days. This simple idea has a whole supporting philosophy.

But it’s hard to explain a philosophy with just words. That can feel a lot like a college assignment— dry and boring.

Here is our attempt at showing the whole story visually.

Most important page on an eCommerce site

Why is that? Because ... 

PDP is Entire Site

Make no Mistake

How to think about your product pages:

Our Philosophy

Your product page is where we're presenting our sales pitch to the buyer. It needs to be perfect. If we make even one mistake this skittish visitor will abandon. 

Copywriting is strategy

Visitors on your product page have one foot out the door. If even one aspect of your sales pitch doesn't make sense they'll leave.

Our Philosophy Most Important Metric for Copywriter

Your product is great but the trouble is your sales pitch isn't engaging enough, the visitor is leaving too soon:

Two Minute Problem

Marketers are hyper-focused on pitching the product the moment the visitor sets foot. That's not how the world works. Before selling the product we need this visitor to warm up to us:

Optimize conversion rates. Get the user over the unfamiliarity barrier

And the only solution for getting shoppers to linger longer is to craft a damn good sales pitch.

Black hole

At this point, you’re wondering why you’d need outside help.

You don’t.

But you have 23 things going on (dealing with suppliers, customer service, promotional calendar, new product development, the list goes on). You’ve been staring at the marketing puzzle a long damn time.

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