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Our Philosophy

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Say your current conversion rate is 4%. Don't move things around too much because that could disturb the 4% who are currently buying.

Don't Disturb Those Who Are Buying — Target Those Who Need More Convincing

The best way to get cold traffic to buy is via the power of storytelling. Here's why:

Why Copywriting Matters

Words really matter.

Marketers and lawyers Copywriting is Strategy

But where on the site should the marketer focus?

Single Most Important Page on an Ecommerce Site

If you spend on advertising you'll relate to this:

Movie Trailer

And the product page matters because no matter how the shopper ends up on your site, it's on the product page that the shopper chooses between pulling out or not pulling out their credit card. And we very much want to be on the right side of that decision.

And it's not the whole product page that matters. The most important part of your product page is your product description.

Make no mistake about it:

Our Philosophy — The Job of Product Description

How to think about your product pages:

Our Philosophy

Your product is great but the trouble is your sales pitch isn't engaging enough, the visitor is leaving too soon:


And the only solution for getting shoppers to linger longer is to craft a damn good sales pitch.

Ignore the 4 Percent

At this point, you’re wondering why you’d need outside help.

You don’t.

But you have 23 things going on (dealing with suppliers, customer service, promotional calendar, new product development, the list goes on). You’ve been staring at the marketing puzzle a long damn time.

Creator too close

I like seeing marketing ideas I've never seen before

True or False? ??


Then you are in the right place.

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