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What do online shoppers think about?

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Focus on Converting Healthy Skeptics

If you are looking to gain an unfair advantage focus your attention on converting healthy skeptics. In this article, we’ll show why.

Interested, but Not Convinced

Most markers don’t realize that their most important audience is visitors who are interested but not convinced. Here’s how to target them.

Point of View (POV)

You may be selling running shoes 👟, a chef knife 🔪, a headphone 🎧, or any consumer product what you are really selling is a point of view.

Content Consumption

There are very few things that should matter more than content consumption to a direct-to-consumer (DTC) eCommerce brand. Here’s why.

CHAPTER 4.5: The Bottom Line

People visit homepages for a number of reasons. But product pages have just one purpose. That’s why product page optimization is critical.

The Frictionless Process

This Frictionless process article is for companies that just want to see a checklist of things to improve conversions 20% in 90 days.

Focus on Just One Thing

Focusing on just one thing is a superpower. There are many shiny items that are fighting for our attention. Avoid the temptation.

Radically Different Ideas

Radically different ideas allow the marketer to quickly determine which set of ideas are most strongly connecting with shoppers.

DTC Sites With Great Copy

This DTC Sites With With Great Copy post has been coming for a long time. People are always asking for my favorite DTC sites that nail copy.

Marketing Secrets

We didn’t learn marketing secrets in some Facebook course. We spent day and night at the marketing lab 🧑‍🔬 🧪. And then …. we cracked it.

Write Your Long-Form Sales Pitch

It took us 6 years to discover the Long-form sales pitch and its awesome conversion powers. In this article, we’ll reveal its secrets.


A lesser known conversion copywriting track is softening. In this article we’ll share how you can use it to massively grow sales.

Demonstrate Expertise Example

To massively improve conversion rates we must demonstrate expertise. See the power of this conversion optimization (CRO) strategy.

Product Landing Page Examples

Instead of giving multiple product landing page examples I’m going to give you just one definitive example that’ll make you a lot more $$$$.

Tone of Voice

Tone of Voice is the difference between a closed sale and a lost one. These examples of tone of voice will inspire.

Conversion Secret: Selling Angles

Selling Angles are the key insights on which your sales pitch is constructed. It’s the foundation of your conversion optimization plan.

Conditional Elements

Sales pitches have an opening, middle, and end. But what if our visitor doesn’t follow that path? Choreographed Experiences to the rescue.

The First Draft

The first draft of your sales pitch needs to be wild. This seems like a really bad idea but this article will chance your mind.

Product Description for New Product

New products, by definition, don’t have reviews. So what is a brand to do? Answer revealed in this powerful conversion optimization post.

Why We Exist Pitch

Your why we exist story really matters. Especially to the new visitors on your site. “Why we exist” is your origin story. Use it to stand out.

CHAPTER 4: Product Page Optimization

People visit homepages for a number of reasons. But product pages have just one purpose. That’s why product page optimization is critical.

Storytelling in Marketing

Storytelling is at the heart of marketing. You may have the best product in the world but if you can’t tell the compelling story you’re going to lose.

Product Reviews & Buyer Psychology

There is tons of research on the relationship between number of reviews and conversions. But what happens when you have 12k reviews? Does that still help?

Improving Bestseller Sales

Want to know how to increase online sales for your bestsellers (or other products)? Create competition in your team. In this article, we explain how.


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