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Rishi's Story

How I Became the Product Page Guy

13 years ago product pages didn't mean anything to me. I was simply interested in A/B testing to maximize conversions.

We tested homepages, category pages, checkout flows (mobile and desktop). If it had visitors, we tested it.

But, as time went by, a pattern started to emerge.

Sure, a few of the locations mentioned above (homepage, checkout, etc.) occasionally produced good results but there was only one page that was predictably good at driving results: the product page.


When the realization first hit I didn't want to accept it. I didn't want to niche down. I didn't want to paint myself into a corner. So we kept this product page focus to ourselves.


In the course of testing various product page elements (layout, design, and description) we realized that the product description was making the biggest difference.

Tweaks to the product description were causing massive differences in test outcomes.

And with that realization, we went from conversion optimizers to conversion optimizers who exclusively focused on product pages.


I was scared to make a public announcement. So I continued talking about buyer psychology and copywriting on social media.

6 months ago I finally came out and told the world I was in an exclusive relationship with product pages. Although, internally this was already the exclusive focus.

I was shocked to receive messages from long-time followers. These were people who would comment and 👍 my posts so I assumed they got me. They wrote in to say,

"Rishi, I now understand what you do. You're the product page guy."

People started referring me to their clients.

This was an embarrassing light bulb moment. While I had been over-intellectualizing by talking about buyer psychology, readers were looking for a keyword to remember me by.

When they finally saw product page guy they placed my name next to the "go here when you have product page issues" slot in their memory bank.

It's had a profound impact. Not just on how the world sees us but also on how we do the work. How we brand ourselves.

While I've written this post from my perspective, I'm writing it for you.

This product page fascination isn't a style preference. It isn't a way to differentiate myself. I only focus on product pages because they move the conversion needle. It's for performance reasons.

Therefore, I implore you to also spend more time working on your product pages. A good place to start is your bestseller page. Here is how I unlock ideas:

A: Reread the product description.
B: Now read the customer reviews. Are your fans mentioning important details that are under-emphasized in your description?
C: Return to the product description and think about the awareness levels of your visitors. An example: imagine you sell a juicer. Your product page visitors will be in these 3 awareness levels:


Someone new
to juicing


Someone familiar with juicing but new to your product


Someone deep in their juicing research journey

If, instead of visiting your site, these three distinct visitors met you in person you would naturally (without even trying) tell them three different juicer sales pitches.

"Why is the sales pitch on your product page the same for all visitors?"


Have you ever seen a product page that was personalized based on the criteria above?

The answer is no.

Hopefully, now you can see how far behind eTailers are and how big an opportunity this is for you to leap ahead. We need to act before this strategy is copied by everyone.

Follow the simple steps above and enjoy shockingly good results.

These three ideas alone have the potential to improve your bestseller sales by 20%.

For perspective, if your bestseller is doing $400k in annual sales we're talking about $80k in new sales from your existing visitors.

That's the revenue currently leaking from your product page every year.

Stop reading this article and let's get to work.

With respect,
Rishi Rawat
The product page guy

PS: If you don't have a star bestseller but many products that drive overall sales we should still chat because I have a solution for that situation too.

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