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Sarthak Gupta [he/him]
Product Manager

Zach Kowalik

"I randomly discovered Rishi on LinkedIn and he captured my attention because he seemed genuinely obsessed with something super boring; conversion rates. His specific focus on e-commerce product pages was really interesting to me. Not because I found the topic interesting, but because it was relevant to me (I own an e-commerce business) … and I also because I love entrepreneurial nerds.

So I followed him closely on LinkedIn for a while to see if his obsession was authentic. I found myself agreeing with his perspectives almost all of the time, and when I didn’t I was passionately disagreeing. Damn, this guy somehow convinced me to start caring about conversion rates and product page design. We started interacting more on social media and I eventually asked him to take a look at my website. The social chemistry that we’d already established sparked into genuine friendship once we started working together. When it came to his offer, he was a straight shooter. He set a clear, results-oriented goal and tracked everything meticulously. When the initial project didn’t quite meet his own high expectations he came back with something even better.

Rishi is the real deal. He is genuinely fascinated by consumer behavior and has crafted a unique expertise that empathetically empowers “healthy skeptics” to make informed purchases. If you’re familiar with the product adoption curve, the kind of work Rishi does is similar to building a bridge across the chasm from early adopters to early majority/beyond. But not in a “I’m gonna 10x your business” BS cringy kind of way. More like “I’m gonna find a way to communicate with the type of person that identifies as both the majority AND your customer”.

Rishi focuses on things that are timeless. Like your customer psychographics and THEIR psychological progression - which is like fertilizer to help your business grow.

If you have a hunch that your website isn’t maximizing conversions on existing traffic, Rishi is your guy."

Mark Robinson

"...after about 3 weeks the results came in. People who went to the page Frictionless Commerce designed, compared to people who went to my older page, resulted in a 10% increase. Well, frankly, that related, for that particular page, to $86,000 a year in increased sales. Wonderful. Measurable results, he did the leg work, he knew what he was doing..."

Thomas Robinson
Director of Growth
Tiege Hanley

Tiege.com conversions went up 19.5%. Video testimonial in the case study.

Josh Carr
Chief Marketing Officer
Pillow Cube

"I have a lot of experience with running a conversion optimization program. Most optimizers are focused on UI/UX based improvements.

Rishi (and his team) are different. They focus on individual product pages. They treat the product page as a direct response ad. To them, the goal of the product page is to connect with the buyer, demonstrate our expertise, and close the sale.

I knew I liked their process but was still very happy to see VWO declare their concept the overall winner."

Jesse Pujji
Bootstrapped Ampush
to an 8 figure exit.

Devin Kimura

250,000 orders per year

Steve Detar
Brownwood Acres Foods

"As the owner of Brownwood Acres Foods, Inc., I am always looking for ways to increase sales and conversions online. When I hired Rishi Rawat and Frictionless Commerce, I was skeptical of the firm’s ability to improve conversions. Boy, was I wrong! By using A-B testing and Rishi's design changes, we have seen conversions improve by as much as 20%. The cost involved in implementing these changes is really pennies compared to the dollars that it produces. Thanks, Frictionless Commerce!"

Lisa Huntting
MirrorMate® Frames

$5 million
in annual sales

Shilo Jones

"Rishi and I have worked together for nearly 10 years now and he's one of the most passionate providers of conversion rate and landing page optimization services that I know of. I am happy to consider him a partner of StatBid and would encourage anyone that needs help getting their site to convert better that you contact Rishi."

Dana Juanzemis

"[Rishi] digs deep in Google Analytics data and really looks for opportunities where we can make improvements, but he also listens to us and listens to our feedback on where we think our site needs some work..."

Alex Spatz
VP Digital

"Rishi and his team have consistently added value to my website and marketing approach. As true students of purchasing behavior and ecommerce, they bring a level of experience and passion that is unparalleled. Always very easy to get ahold of and responsive. They are also flexible and willing to form plans and strategies around my business and process."

Parker Garlitz

"We have been using Frictionless Commerce for well over a year now, and the results we've gotten have paid for themselves many, many times over. We test an awful lot of different strategies, services and tools to either drive more traffic and / or get it to convert better. It's quite uncommon for us to get such a strong ROI as Frictionless has provided..."

Brett Haney

Eric Gower

“Rishi is a bit of a wunderkind— he deeply understands the concept of conversion, and is a superb communicator (he seems to have read every book on the subject. Hire him!”

Corey Lawson
President and Co-Owner


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