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How to Make a Landing Page That CONVERTS

The first page new visitors see is our landing page. Therefore, improving landing page conversions is job #1. Learn about our 1 button trick.

Simplicity Is Key in Landing Pages

As designers, copywriters, and marketers, we overcomplicate things 9 times out of 10. Landing pages are no exception. Simpler solutions are always better. See why.

Best Practice: Mobile Landing Pages

Is there a need for special consideration for a mobile landing page? Yes. If you are driving desktop paid traffic to a self-contained landing page (meaning links from that landing page to the homepage have been hidden) you need to watch this video. In the video, I talk about my experience on ButcherBox mobile landing page:

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Within 0.01 seconds of landing on peeledsnacks.com this popup appears: Like, the page hasn’t even fully loaded and the popup is in my face.  Is that the best tactic?  What do you do when you get startled?  I know what I do: I get out of the way (in this case I click the [x]).  In a world where we …

Riding Coattails is Clever

Your #1 goal for a landing page ISNT’T to make a sale. It’s to slow the visitor down.


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