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Exclusivity Messaging

Received an email from titanium-jewelry.com. Like most marketing emails this one had a coupon code, but what was different was the way in which the coupon code was presented. Read the underlined section in the screenshot below (underlined in red by me)—

Exclusivity Messaging

This is a very clever line because it creates a sense of exclusivity in the mind of the shopper. That one tweak in messaging can make all the difference to click-through rates. In the next section, I’ll show how this strategy fits into our larger conversion copywriting framework.

People Like Knowing They’ve Stumbled Onto Something Rare

The idea discussed above is based on a very specific buyer psychology behavior type, which is that shoppers like the feeling of having stumbled into something rare. But that’s just one element. If the goal is to fully optimize conversion rates you need to see the forest for the trees.

The Forest

Shoppers are inundated by ads. The numbers of pitches we encounter are so massive that it’s impossible for us to consciously evaluate each one. So our brains have developed shortcuts. Marketers who understand these shortcuts will have a massive advantage over competitors. Over the last 13 years, our agency, Frictionless Commerce, has been able to identify nine such mental checklist items shoppers use to make purchase decisions.

If this topic is of interest be prepared to have your marketing brain blown: Conversion Copywriting: Strategies That Will Make You $$$.


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