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What do online shoppers think about?

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DTC Brands Fighting Amazon

We’ve lost 66% of search (which Amazon now controls). But we can fight for the remaining 34%.

Amazon: Friend or Foe?

As a retailer you can’t ignore Amazon. But is Amazon your BFF? Greatergoods.com story.

Selling Premium Items on Amazon.com

Amazon optimizes for reviews and the cheapest prices, meaning the two metrics they look at to determine the search results ranking are number of quality reviews and product price. If you offer a premium product and you know how Amazon ranks products, then you need to explain why your premium option is better in your product description.

Strange Amazon Coupon Code Functionality

Have you seen Amazon’s coupon checkbox on product pages? We haven’t seen this before, and after digging around Amazon some more we saw that this checkbox only exists on a handful of products.

Increasing Amazon Sales

Amazon is full of millions of sellers. How can we stand out when Amazon page template is so restricted? We have an idea …

Optimizing Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

Understanding buyer psychology can fundamentally improve the performance of your Amazon listing. In this example, we talk about improving Enhanced Brand Content (EBC).

6 Ways Amazon Sucks

It’s 2019 and here are the 6 ways in which Amazon is terrible. If you want to compete against Amazon here are the 6 ways in which to do it.

Don’t Let Amazon Eat Your Lunch

We realize Amazon is important channel for you. But if there is a visitor on your site don’t sed them rushing to Amazon.

VIDEO POST: Don’t Be Intimidated by Amazon

I know Amazon is a scary animal. But Amazon isn’t the end all of retail. Here is my personal story: Here is the product page: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009B0WREM/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 You tell me if you see any mention of this being a Japanese language model.

Pitching Amazon

Should I promote my Amazon page on my own ecommerce site?


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