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What do online shoppers think about?

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How to Write Product Descriptions

Good product descriptions aren’t just about describing a product. They’re not about what you know—they’re about what sells. Here’s how to do it.

Content Consumption

There are very few things that should matter more than content consumption to a direct-to-consumer (DTC) eCommerce brand. Here’s why.

Applying Your Sales Pitch

Applying your sales pitch is where the rubber hits the road. If you take the extra effort of applying it correctly it’ll make it rain $$$$.

Demonstrate Expertise Example

To massively improve conversion rates we must demonstrate expertise. See the power of this conversion optimization (CRO) strategy.

Tone of Voice

Tone of Voice is the difference between a closed sale and a lost one. These examples of tone of voice will inspire.

Clever Advertising Idea

There are 2 types of mattress shoppers. Those who have bought a mattress online and those who can’t imagine doing so. This ad is for the second group. On click, take them to a page that starts by empathizing with this mindset and then busts that objection. What do you think? FURTHER READING We’ve spent the last 13 years in …

Sales Pitch Readability

Sales pitch readability directly impacts your conversion rates. If the reader doesn’t read the whole pitch they will not buy.

Product Description for New Product

New products, by definition, don’t have reviews. So what is a brand to do? Answer revealed in this powerful conversion optimization post.

Debating and Copywriting

Debating and copywriting might not seem related at first glance– but first glances are often wrong. Let us build the argument.

Storytelling in Marketing

Storytelling is at the heart of marketing. You may have the best product in the world but if you can’t tell the compelling story you’re going to lose.

Personalized Experiences

Personalized experiences increase your online sales. A good marketer is able to weave a story that feels like it was made for the reader.

Copywriting and Conversions

The job of a copywriter is to understand the psychology of an online shopper. Copywriters who understand buyer psychology, win.

Marketing and Human Psychology

Don’t chase new. Focus on effectiveness. There are classic marketing tactics (like this Twitter ad) that will always work because human psychology isn’t changing.

How to Boost Conversions on Your Checkout Page

This will come as no surprise to you, but there’s no site in the world with a 100% conversion rate on the checkout page. That means there’s always room to boost conversions there.

What Makes Your Product Better Than Your Competitors? 

Honey Stinger explains their products well, but we don’t believe they’re answering one important question: “Why should I buy your energy products and not a typical energy drink or bar?” How can they answer this?

Copywriting Persuasion Strategy: An Example

Copywriting is incredibly powerful. It can take an unremarkable fact and make it look exceptional.

And in a world where shoppers are distracted and constantly bombarded with messages, good copywriting can be the difference between a winner and a dud. But use your copywriting power for good.

Annoying Popups

No one likes popups. But there are ways to make yours stand out.

Implied vs. Stated

In the next 15 seconds you’ll learn an important marketing tactic: implied versus stated.

Copy with Personality Converts

Words really matter. Here is how you can make Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II Tire – Clincher sound interesting.

Clever Order Confirmation Email

Your order confirmation email doesn’t have to be boring. Hat tip to Justin for sharing this great email from Native:

My Mean Boss Wants You to Know About this Sale

Moosejaw.com has done a great job with their email marketing. Check out what they emailed me (the subject line read “My Mean Boss wants you to know about this sale”): Instead of your typical marketing speak, Moosejaw uses the Likability tactic by adding humor to their messaging, and as a result, their potential customer is now aware of a “big …

Everyone Likes a Robin Hood

I recently came across skiplagged.com—a site dedicated to finding the lowest ticket prices for flights. This site uses a number of conversion tactics and it uses them well. From the screenshot below alone you can see Personality (Likability), Clairvoyance (Serendipity), Confidence (Assurance), and Credibility (Assurance): What is perhaps more prominent and the most successful is this use of Likability. Skiplagged.com …

What Makes a Good Story?

Of the 7 conversion triggers Story is probably the most powerful. But, what is Story? Story is the emotion we evoke in the mind of the audience. The difference between an average and good story is 512x. Let me illustrate with a story. A sales guy has been working at a mattress store for 5 years. Like most brick and …

Fear …

Narrative Control is an attempt to make something positive that is or will be perceived as negative. Fear is something often considered as negative, and since everyone is affected by fear, this poses a great opportunity for Narrative Control. Take for example this ad from ProShares: It’s no doubt that brick-and-mortar stores are being affected from online retailers such as …

Copy Sells

We know that making a connection with the consumer can increase conversions through price points, warranties and guarantees, and promotional freebies, but have we overlooked a more powerful connection? Joshua Glenn is writer, editor and brand analyst and Rob Walker is also a writer and contributor to the New York Times. These two creatives came up with an idea to …

Show Your Personality Every Chance You Get

John Bonini is a copywriter. He uses his site johnbonini.co to market his copywriting services (it’s all serious business stuff). The site lists testimonials. One of those testimonials is by his mother: It’s such a sweet touch. Lesson: Just because you are in the all serious business of being an online retailer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use humor and humanness …

Prices Go Up

Most sites that are running an ad say something like- Sale ends October 22nd. Wonder what would happen if they changed that line to- Prices go up October 22nd?

Small Tweaks Are Amazingly Powerful

Leisurepro.com sells scuba gear and offers free returns all year round. But they understand during holiday gift-buying season non-scuba divers are on their site buying for scuba divers, so they make 1 small tweak to their free returns message— Every time you change a word to something that relates to the shopper’s state of mind it gets their attention. This …

The Best Conversion Trick of All

There are many tactics to improve website conversion rates (here, here and here).  But that’s what they are, tactics.  If your aim is to actually change the way site visitors think there is only one true way to do it— dulcet copywriting.  Here is an example from zingermans.com where they are talking about their spicy cashews (posted below)— Spicy Cashews …

Words are Powerful

We are programmed to decline newsletter signup offers.  The copy used by oDesk is an example of how to do it right—

Come out and Say It

3ACTIVE is a brand of 3D glasses by Dimensional Optics (dimensionaloptics.com).  3Dglassesunlimited.com is an e-tailer that competes against Dimensional Optics.  Makes sense so far?  Ok. I Googled 3ACTIVE and this paid ad appeared on my screen— With a juicy message like What 3active Owners Wish They Knew. Before Buying – Avoid Regret! it’s impossible to not click the ad.  Clicking the …

Free Shipping

Nice way to draw attention to free shipping (great copywriting, pointed by blue arrow)–

Customer Stories

Vermontcountrystore.com calls product reviews ‘stories’. It has a nice ring to it–


When potential buyers are searching for your competitor that’s a great time to introduce yourself–

Why Is This Item Discounted?

A client once said, “Discounting is a slippery slope, once you give it that’s the new bottom line.”  I agree.  Every retailer has to show items that have been priced fairly and giving additional discounts could send the wrong signal.  Explaining the rationale behind the discount is a good way to prevent a slippery slope.  Here is an example- Related …

Peanut Butter with Asian Curry Spice

Any consultant would advice against selling something as complex as “Peanut Butter with Asian Curry Spice” online. The safest way to sell this flavor is to first get people to try it at your store. At first glance not even you would buy it. But PB Loco seems to have found a creative way to convince people this flavor is …


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