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Conversion Rate Optimization Case Studies

I’m so glad that you searched for conversion rate optimization case studies because that’s exactly what I want to share with you today.

There are soooo many

CRO case studies out there and many of them are things like: we did this really simple thing and my client’s conversion rate went up 72%.

These results sound promising but are never reproducible. The statistics behind such case studies are also suspect. Speaking of statistics …

Stats Behind CRO Case Studies

Flip a coin five times and it’s very likely to get five heads. That doesn’t mean the coin doesn’t have a tail side, it means your sample size is too small. Testing tools like VWO.com are extremely data-hungry, they need hundreds of transactions (not page visitors) to determine if an idea is a winner. Tests also need to run for a long time. It’s like the stock market, on a daily basis it’s extremely volatile but over a long time horizon, it’s the best indicator of how the US economy is performing.

Why You Should Pay Attention to the CRO Case Studies I’m About to Share

My name is Rishi Rawat and I’m a conversion copywriter who uses buyer psychology techniques to give my eCom clients an unfair advantage. I use words to influence online shoppers. I’ve been developing sales pitches for my clients for the last 14 years, have worked with over 200 eCommerce businesses, and run 1,000s of marketing experiments. A vast majority of these experiments have failed but in the process, we’ve also been able to identify core themes that have consistently performed well.

We have a very specific formulation for maximizing sales. Step 1 is laser focusing on Healthy Skeptics:

Healthy Skeptics

To convert these Healthy Skeptics we make two kinds of enhancements– Micro-improvements and Long-form sales pitch.

Micro-improvements are dozens of small enhancements that are made to the page without changing the basic page design. To learn more about the philosophy behind micro-improvements see this article: https://frictionless-commerce.com/blog/easy-pdp-optimization-trick-micro-improvements/

The long-form sales pitch is designed for Diggers– people who want to get into the weeds to understand what makes your product special. The balancing act we have to do is to appease these Diggers without making the page cumbersome for the shoppers that are currently buying. We do this by adding little nudges across the page. These are designed to get the attention of these Diggers. Our long-form sales pitch philosophy is explained in detail here: https://frictionless-commerce.com/blog/long-form-sales-pitch/

With this out of the way, I’m going to show you actual DTC brand case studies along with revenue impact numbers so you can see how levers sales can be massively (and sustainably) impacted using just two conversion levers.

My Favorite Conversion Rate Optimization Case Studies

Case studies have been organized so they make the most sense in numerical order:

1: Tiege.com: When we develop test concepts we’re trying to not disturb the shoppers who are converting currently while adding new– previously unrealized conversion– by targeting Healthy Skeptics. This is done using two techniques. First, micro-improvements were added to the page, next came the long-form sales pitch, and this resulted in a 19% conversion rate bump. PS: there is also a testimonial video 📹 inside that case study.

Details: https://frictionless-commerce.com/case-studies/tiege-case-study-19-percent-lift/

2: Stix.golf: Once the long-form sales pitch has been created our goal is to maximize its discovery rate because if people don’t see it how can we know if the pitch is working? This case study shows how you can increase the discovery rate to 40%, which is 10x more than normal. It had a 26% impact on sales.

Details: https://frictionless-commerce.com/case-studies/marketing-case-study/

3: PillowCube.com: Here is another case study that uses our micro-improvements and long-form sales pitch combo technique for maximizing conversions.

Details: https://frictionless-commerce.com/case-studies/pillowcube-sales-up-10-percent/

4: HandicappedPets.com: 80% of the time our work is limited to improving the sales of an individual product on the client’s site– their bestseller. But there are times when the client doesn’t have a singular bestseller, but rather, a bunch of products that collectively drive the bulk of sales. For those situations, we use our Why We Exist technique that targets a bunch of product pages. That approach is covered in this case study.

Details: https://frictionless-commerce.com/case-studies/how-revealing-your-why-we-exist-story-can-boost-conversions-sitewide/

5: CanvasPrints.com case study: https://frictionless-commerce.com/case-studies/how-one-section-lifted-overall-sales/

6: Oransi.com: Two types of visitors land on your product page: Skimmers and Diggers. Diggers need all the details. Skimmers just want the most important stuff. How does one design to maximize conversions for both groups? See this 30.56% lift case study.

Details: https://frictionless-commerce.com/case-studies/ecommerce-conversion-rate-optimization-case-study-30-percent-improvement

7: ZQuiet.com: We love working with inventors. ZQuiet is an anti-snoring mouthpiece. The bulk of their sales are mobile so we focused 100% of our attention on their mobile product page. Took three attempts but we ended with a 34.04% lift.

Details: https://frictionless-commerce.com/case-studies/zquiet-mobile-conversions-up-34-percent/

8: gruum.com is a plastic-free shampoo brand. Price elasticity states that if prices go down sales go up. By that logic, if a product is free its conversion rate is as high as it could possibly be. But that’s not the whole story. By applying principles of buyer psychology you can take conversions even higher. Video inside.

Details: https://vwo.com/success-stories/frictionless-commerce/

9: Giesswein.com is huge in Europe but new to the US. They specialize in running shoes made of Merino wool. Most runners have never tried a woolen runner. We had a two-fold challenge: first, educate, then convert. So we applied buyer psychology and registered a 29% lift. Video inside:

Details: https://frictionless-commerce.com/case-studies/giesswein-bestseller-sales-up-29-percent

10: BakingSteel.com is the world’s best home pizza solution. We applied an overlooked copywriting tactic and increased product page sales by 46%. The client wasn’t prepared and the product went out of stock. That’s a good problem.

Find out: https://frictionless-commerce.com/case-studies/best-seller-sales-up-46-percent

11: LegacyFoodStorage.com: It’s hard to sell an item with a $2,550 price tag. Buyers don’t really know how much something should cost. They go by their feelings. Unfortunately, for the retailer, the buyer’s estimate is always low. There is a way to fix this. This test generated a 41% lift (video inside).

Details: https://frictionless-commerce.com/case-studies/addressing-price-sensitivity-how-we-did-it-increased-conversions-by-41

12: The average visitor to your page will hang around for 2 minutes and 32 seconds. We’re usually pretty good at converting a visitor in that time but that’s not everyone. Some people, especially those in research mode, will need more time and no amount of persuasion would convince them to buy today. For that group, we’ve invented a special technique.
Details: https://frictionless-commerce.com/case-studies/alternatives-to-pop-ups

Next Steps

We hope you liked these conversion rate optimization case studies but the fact is they only revealed what worked. They don’t talk about the process we use to develop ideas. That knowledge is 10x more valuable and it’s free (for now) in this marketing secrets article.


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