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  • Goal:
    • For ZQuiet, their anti-snoring mouthpiece product page is the most important on the site. This product alone drives the bulk of overall sales. Our goal was to laser focus on this one page and massively improve conversion rates.
  • Solution:
    • Looking at Google Analytics (GA) data, it was clear the mobile version of this page had the bulk of the traffic. But the conversion rate for that mobile page was lower than desktop. So our test specifically focused on the mobile page. We see this a lot: sites try and keep their mobile and desktop page content the same. But mobile visitors behave differently (they are typically earlier in the buying process) so why not show them content that both matches their situation + looks good on the phone?

      If your mobile traffic is large this strategy is really powerful.

      GA also revealed that the bulk of the traffic to the mobile page was directly coming to the site from the client’s advertising efforts. For these visitors, the visit was their first interaction with the brand.
  • Outcome:
    • 34.04% mobile conversion improvement.

Notes: This test has a lot of lessons.

1: Our previous 3 attempts failed. Often, teams try a radical idea, experience a setback, and abandon the plan. If you strongly believe in your idea, learn from setbacks, and continue pursuing it while being realistic. For us, the 4th attempt was the charm.

2: The testing tool declared a winner in the first 7 days. But we knew that was premature so we kept it running for over 3 weeks. It was important we had a representative sample before concluding. The test needed exposure to the largest possible variety of visitors.


ZQuiet is an inventor’s story. Dan and Trina are its founders: Founders Dan and Trina

And they invented an anti-snoring mouthpiece:

Dan and Trina’s invention

The mobile landing page was showing all the key information in an efficient way.

Our Hypothesis

These visitors are on their phones. They’re coming here because they did a Google search, saw our ad, and clicked it. It’s likely they saw other ads too, which means if they don’t immediately connect with our landing page they will leave.

We are working with limited real estate (since it’s a mobile page) so we had to remove as much tax as possible while amplifying desire.


Here is a screenshot of what the mobile page looked like before we got started.

Test Concept

Here is a screenshot of the winning idea.

We made a bunch of changes. It might be best for you to watch this video:

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    The test ran for 3 weeks and ended up with a 34.04% lift in conversion rates:

    We didn’t have the client’s permission to reveal their conversion rate so we’re showing the test results while being respectful of the client’s wishes:

    Blurred ZQuiet Test Numbers (1)

    Why Our Concept Won

    Each element on a page is an attention tax the user is forced to pay. It’s our job to ensure this tax burden is kept to a minimum. By keeping the tax to the minimum we’re able to use that freed-up real estate in the mind of the shopper to tell the remarkable story of our amazing product.

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