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Demonstrate Expertise Example

Let’s say I was hired by Highkey.com (a healthy snack retailer) to improve bestseller sales (Mini Cookies: Chocolate Chip).

Here’s why demonstrating expertise matters. I Googled “healthy chocolate chip cookies” and this is what I saw (watch the video below—it’s just 46 seconds):

There are countless competitors out there, and most shoppers are fully aware of this. Even if your business only has one or two major competitors, you’re still not immune to the bargain hunter: between 70% and 80% of online shoppers are comparing prices.

You don’t want them to rely on price alone because price doesn’t tell the whole story (see our article on price justification).

Users on your page are aware of what’s out there so if they don’t get a compelling reason to stick around, they will leave. To create a more sticky experience, demonstrate expertise.

Here’s How

if I were Highkey.com I’d focus on the following:

– Talk about the hard science of getting the ingredients to work just right.

– The science of metabolism.

– How we taste-tested everything that was available at our local grocery store, drove to locations that were a 2-hour away, and bought from a bunch of online specialty stores.

These are just some of the things I considered. You will likely end up with a different (and just as effective) list of angles to pursue.

You’re probably wondering: isn’t this too much content? It’s a valid point. Good question. The trick is to get the shopper to care about the details you are talking about. As explained in this video:

Why Marketers Don’t Rely On Demonstrating Expertise As Much

Here’s what marketers say: Make the buyer the hero of the story. Don’t make yourself the hero.

This is very good advice, but there is a little asterisk (*) here. Before you can make the buyer the hero of the story you need to prove you are worthy of their undivided attention. You need to demonstrate expertise.

In the video below I discuss this idea:

Next Steps

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