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Reveal Your Lighter Side and Add Personality to Your Copy

Likability is one of the core conversion tactics we use here are Frictionless.

Definition: Shoppers buy from people they like. We need to show them that we are real people too.

Research conducted by the Advertising Research Foundation found that likability is the measure most predictive of whether an advertisement will increase a brand’s sales.

On the footer of Frogg Toggs I found this link:

On clicking it I was taken to this fun page:

This is in no way meant to completely represent the rules and regulations governing this site. This page is meant as a guideline for you (the consumer) to abide by when you are here. frogg toggs® reserves the right to ban anyone who is destructive and /or being unsupportive of other consumers’ rights under the law. Our rules of the site are as follows:

1. Always wear protective gear when you are entering your site.

2. Always be sure not to overstep into someone else’s site while you are searching for what you need.

3. While searching the site please understand we do collect all traffic activity but will not use this information to sell to a 3rd party organization who wants to limit your ability to search out the perfect site for your next season.

4. Remember, “when it rains it pours.” This is also true when utilizing our site. If you find yourself stuck with nowhere to go, please do not leave angry and therefore break something on your way out. We ask kindly for you to contact us so we can assist you in the search and rescue of any item you may have left behind or are unable to locate.

5. Please no alcohol or tobacco products are allowed on our site. This type of activity is only acceptable in your personal site and after you have collected the items you have been searching for. Please drink responsibly and know frogg toggs® does not endorse or condone the consumption of alcohol to anyone under the legal drinking age.

6. Always wear hunter orange so we can see who is on our site.

7. Always take only the limit the law has allowed for you to take. This ensures healthy replenishment of the site and assures our future youth will have a site of their own one day.

8. If you find yourself in a precarious position, please leave our site and forget you were here. We do not stock precarious positions, and will not be restocking these in the foreseeable future.

9. When you have found what you were looking for on our site, please share it with your friends. This type of Social sharing ensures the high- quality and low cost of maintaining your site. For example, if only one person needed a Camo Rain Suit the cost would be $123,546, but if all of your social acquaintances wanted to purchase a Camo Rain Suit the cost would decrease to $69.95. That is simple supply and demand at its finest!

10. Always wear frogg toggs® anytime you may get into foul(fowl) weather or any conditions that seem necessary. We will keep you dry and in the game! Always!

Thank you for taking the time to shop our online store.


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