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Applying Your Sales Pitch

Applying your sales pitch is the process of taking the building blocks of your sales pitch and adding them to your most important page. This is how the marketer converts a great idea into $$$.

One note: you will notice a number of links in this article. The article has been written so you don’t have to visit those links to make sense of the post. The basic premise of each linked term will be explained in this article itself.

Where the Sales Pitch Needs to Be Applied

The sales pitch needs to be placed where the shopper makes the purchase decision. For most brands, this is the product page (PDP). This product page optimization article makes it clear why the PDP is the place to start.

Marketers make two big mistakes on their product pages:

Mistake 1: They use the PDP to simply state features and benefits. The reality is that your:

Product Story VS Benefits

Mistake 2: Keep the description short and to the point.

The process we’ll be sharing in this article is for sites where the bulk of their $$$$ comes from 1 or 2 key products. If your site doesn’t have a star product, but rather, many star products then you need to use the technique described in this article: Maximize Conversions With “Why We Exist” Story.

Evidence Our Approach Works

We have 16 case studies that show how conversions improve when sales pitches are implemented properly on the PDP.

If you are short on time and have time for just one case study, make sure it’s this: ZQuiet.com Mobile Conversions Up 34.04%.

Applying Your Sales Pitch– The Actual Process

There is a very specific step-by-step process.

Step 1: Deconstruct and annotate every element of the page. Deconstruction is explained here.

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    Step 2: Identify the main Selling Angles you would like to focus on. You can learn about Selling Angles in this post.

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      Recap: at this point we’ve understood the nine elements of our sales pitch, deconstructed our page, and identified our main Selling Angles. Write all of those ideas (idea fragments) on a piece of paper.

      Next, we’ll use those ideas to make a whole bunch of content enhancements. That’s explained next.

      Step 3: The first thing we’ll do is implement a series of micro-improvements. We cover that in this micro-improvement article.

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        Step 4: Once step 3 is complete you need to focus on developing your long-form sales pitch using the ideas identified.

        Step 5: Once steps 3 and 4 are complete we need to add feedback beacons to the micro-improvements and the long-form sales pitch. Feedback beacons help us understand if individual elements of our sales pitch, especially our main Selling Angles, are resonating with the shopper.

        Typically feedback beacons are presented in a {Yes} / {No}.

        Why Feedback Beacons Matter

        The most basic way to know if your improved page is better is to look at the conversion rates. But that’s very binaryβ€” it will reveal if your page worked, or didn’t

        You added 4 new content blocks to the page. How do we know if block 2 did really well but block 4 turned off buyers? That’s the info feedback beacons collect.

        Watch this video to see how we use Feedback Beacons:

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          What’s Next After Applying Your Sales Pitch?

          A/B test your idea on your product page. Why test when I’ve just spent so much time building the damn sales pitch?


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