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Product Description for New Product

Social proof is powerful, Dr. Cialdini wrote a book about it.

Influence by Dr. Robert Cialdini

It’s why marketers care so much about having dozens of reviews on product pages.

But, what is a marketer to do when the product is a new launch?

At launch products start with 0 reviews.

What’s the solution?

Products with 0 reviews need special product descriptions. Hear me out.

Who buys a product that doesn’t have reviews?

Someone who doesn’t rely on social proof; an early adopter (Wikipedia article about early adopters).

What do we know about early adopters? Here are a few things:

1: Early adopters enjoy being ahead of the mass market.

2: They consider themselves tastemakers. They want to buy a product none of their friends have.

3: They’re independent thinkers.

4: While most consumers are risk-averse early adopters lean into risk.

Boom, we now have the solution.

Rewrite your product description to position it for this early adopter. Celebrate their difference. Their not following the heard personality.

Make sure your new description singularly speaks to them, even at the cost of all other buyers. Let readers know you don’t care about any other buyer type.

Much later— once the product has collected 50+ reviews— update the description to position the product as a crowd favorite 🙂

Revealing It All

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