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Clever Product Description Example

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clever product description example, you’ll like this post. Read on.

It’s always bothered me that retailers don’t change their product page descriptions during the year. It’s like they A/B test till they’ve found the perfect product page and then stop.

What if there were different perfect product pages for different times of the year? A perfect product page for summer, a perfect product page for the new year, a perfect product page for holiday time?

We need our product description to connect with what’s in the visitor’s mind. And what’s in the visitor’s mind changes at different points of the year.

Right now, it’s Spring in Michigan, which means allergy season is in full swing. People looking for an air purifier will have this on top of their minds. So, on alen.com we made a small tweak. The text we added:

Clever Product Description Example: Changing product descriptions with the season.

If you are a diet supplement business, it makes sense to update the product descriptions at the start of the year because this is when people make new year’s resolutions to lose weight. If we are selling a multi-purpose utility knife, it makes sense to personalize the product description during early December because that’s when people start holiday shopping for dad. Think about your business. Do you have seasonality? Could you rewrite your description based on your busy season?

What we’ve shown here is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to fundamentally improve your product description and make a lot more $$$$ you need what we are about to reveal next.

Why Listen to Us?

We’ve spent the last 14 years in our marketing lab 🧑‍🔬 🧪, experimenting on online shoppers. We’ve learned a crap ton and are ready to share those learning.

We want more marketers and CEOs to know about it.

Eventually, we’ll make this into a book. If you want an unfair advantage over competitors, now is the time to steal our ideas because once they are published, the cat will be out of the bag.

Based on the fact that you are hunting for clever product description examples the two chapters we think you’ll get the most value from are–

Chapter 2: For every 1,000 product pitches encountered the shopper buys 1️⃣ item (and we’re being generous). If the goal is to have the consumer choose your product we need to understand their selection criteria– we need to understand their buyer psychology. Marketers who nail this will always outrun their peers.

Chapter 3: Conversion optimization work typically focuses on design and layout changes. We don’t limit ourselves to design and layout. Through extensive experimentation, we realized that the thing that moves the conversion needle 🧭 are the words and ideas expressed on the page. Conversion copywriting is where it’s at.

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As always, great idea. Thanks for the reminder on making simple but powerful changes.

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Thanks, Rick.


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Glad you liked it.



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