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What do online shoppers think about?

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But Why?

Why do online retailers ask for type of credit card? If it starts with a 4 it is a Visa and if it starts with a 5, it’s MasterCard

Is There A Thing Known As Too Many SKUs?

OfficeMax discovered that by keeping too many products in their store they started losing margins because associates were spending inordinate amounts of time helping customers find products. More choice was causing lower satisfaction levels (an idea eloquently described in ‘The Paradox of Choice’). Does this apply online too?

How To Convert A Liability Into An Asset

Panera Bread is one of the few coffee retailers that actually offer customers free Internet access and I can’t even tell you how much I feel endeared to the brand because of this. But I also know Panera is giving free Internet in hopes of getting me to buy more stuff (which, I don’t think I really do) so it’s …

What Can The iPhone Teach Retailers?

A LOT. Apple knows as much about the cell phone business as Nokia knows about the PC, yet only one of them is going to add $10 billion to top line revenue through their new shiny product.  So what’s the lesson for the rest of us? The good news is that this illustrates (once again) that understanding consumer aspirations is …

Bad Usability Vs. Good Usability

While there is much discussion on this topic identifying one from the other is not so hard: Good Usability Bad Usability

What Is The Next Channel Opportunity?

There has been a lively discussion on the true identity of the online shopper.  One of the most prevalent beliefs is that if all the potential shoppers were grouped they could be neatly divided into two groups, one that shopped online and one that didn’t (with little or no overlap).  I have a problem with this theory for two reasons: …

What Heinz Discovered

Marketers who understand buyer psychology can dramatically improve conversion rates. This is possibly my favorite buyer psychology story and it comes from Heinz, the ketchup brand.

The Cardinal Rule

Compelling online experiences (not traffic) drive sales. Consider a company like BlueNile.com which is able to generate annualized web revenues of $169 Million through just 739,000 online monthly visitors. Translation: every customer that walks into bluenile.com (with or without an intention to buy) ends up spending $19 dollars (and change) at the store. That’s a really big deal and I …

The Feel Of Fabric

Traditional retailers (across every single product category) have done so poorly compared to their younger online cousins that it’s not even worth discussing.  The domination is so complete many seem to have stopped trying altogether.  But in the retail world ‘real experiences’ still matter and retailers own the ‘real’ part of the equation.  Multichannel retailers with online stores need to …


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