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Memorable eCommerce Quotes

eCommerce quotes are like concentrated nuggets of wisdom by some of the smartest people in the world of eCommerce. They will teach you a lot.

These eCommerce quotes represent the lessons discovered by marketers who came before you. Benefit from their wisdom.

— If you don’t make it easy for customers to show their support, they won’t. — Andy Sernovitz

— The conscious mind thinks it’s the oval office when in reality it’s the press office. — Jonathan Haidt

— Discounts and promotions are taxes placed upon brands for being unremarkable. — Kevin Hillstrom

— Advertising only accelerates the inevitable. — Roy Williams

— “Don’t try to out Amazon Amazon”.— I believe this was said by Walmart’s new VP of eCommerce

— Successful (eCommerce) marketing is about telling a story that matches your customer’s worldview. — Seth Godin

— Women of a certain age, with a certain amount of education, with a certain size family, living in a certain geography, buy for very psychographic reasons. — Michael Gerber

— For paid traffic to your eCommerce site:

PDP is Entire Site

— The best way to get visitors to act is to appeal to their fundamental emotional motivations. — Tim Ash

— The market is not seduced by logic; people are moved by stories and drama and hints and clues and discovery. Logic is a battering ram, one that might work if your case is overwhelming. Wal-Mart won by logic (cheap!), but you probably won’t. — Seth Godin

— The single most important job in all of eCommerce is switch behavior; getting a visitor to buy on your site the very first time. — Rishi Rawat

— Marketing is the transfer of confidence from you to the first-time buyer. — Rishi Rawat

eCommerce Copywriting Quotes

— The copywriter’s job is to cause a person to exchange his or her hard-earned money for a product or service. — Joseph Sugarman

— Metaphors are a great language tool because they explain the unknown in terms of the known. — Anne Lamott

— Your product page copywriting should be so good that it turns into a black hole, pulling in sales from your competitors’ sites. — Rishi Rawat

Black hole conversion copywriting

— Copywriting is strategy.— Rishi Rawat

Copywriting is strategy

— The most important metric for a copywriter isn’t: “Did the reader buy my sales pitch?”

It is: “Did the reader fully understand my sales pitch?”

First optimize for clarity, then persuasion.

— Rishi Rawat

Most Important Metric for Copywriter

— “Ooooh, feeling pressure, I’ll make a decision on this tomorrow.”

Is a sensation experienced by 20% of your product page visitors.

This happens when the visitor is seeking buying confidence but can’t find it. — Rishi Rawat

— Don’t fall for this trap:

PDP Optimization- The Job of Product Description

— There is a point in the research process when the visitor says, “I’m sold on your knowledge and point of view. What do you recommend for me?”

This is when the copywriter knows she’s nailed the pitch.

— Rishi Rawat

— To improve conversions, we shouldn’t think too much about people who are buying (they are already buying), we should obsess over those who came close to buying but aborted at the very last moment. — Rishi Rawat

— Product page optimization tip: assume your page visitor has a need but is super nervous and dreads making the wrong decision.— Rishi Rawat

— Your number 1 copy goal is to exude cool confidence. Not overconfidence. Not obnoxious confidence. Cool confidence.— Rishi Rawat

— Every word is an attention tax. Make sure it’s worth the reader’s time.

— Rishi Rawat

— Entrepreneurs often rest their entire sales pitch on the truth alone.

“My product is objectively the best at this price point. Therefore, we will win.”

The truth isn’t enough.

HOW the truthful argument is CONSTRUCTED is what makes 50% of the difference. — Rishi Rawat

— Every 24 hours millions of shoppers visit a product page they’ve never seen and based on the strength of its sales pitch part with their hard-earned money.

What an incredible concept.

— Rishi Rawat

Every 24 Hours

— Before tackling conversion rates we need to solve the “people are leaving my site in 3 minutes” problem.

Three Minute Problem

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