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DTC Brands Fighting Amazon

Not all brands want to be on Amazon. But Amazon is HUGE. Really HUGE.

Just because you aren’t on Amazon doesn’t mean your potential buyers aren’t going to look on Amazon.

You can’t control for people that started their search on Amazon (over 66%) but you can/must protect the visitors that you paid for.

Worst case scenario is paying Google for a click and having potential buyer leave to hunt for a cheaper option on Amazon.

If users leave for Amazon they’re not coming back.

Not because Amazon has better products; Amazon is just so damn good at getting visitors to buy.

If their primary search is a miss Amazon has 400,000 other suggestions. Don’t try and out Amazon Amazon.

To get ahead of this Honeylove has an Amazon policy link on their site footer (I’d argue they should place this on their product page). On click they show this message:

Honeylove and Amazon

Example from Bike Tow Leash

Bike Tow Leash (site) sells on both Amazon and their own site. Both channels are important to them.

If a visitor is on their site they would (I assume) like to convert them on their own site. But how to prevent this shopper from leaking to Amazon?

They show this message. It’s a simple message and does the job:

Competing against Amazon
Message on Bike Tow Leash site

I love it because it doesn’t bash Amazon but subtly communicates the main idea.


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I would love to “help you fight Amazon by commenting…” but I’m afraid that, if Amazon sees my comment they will shut down my business, ban my family’s prime accounts, deliver crushed packages on my doorstep, publish the names of the embarrassing movies I’ve been watching (Dr Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs), and have their drivers pick me up, put me in a box, and return me to China.

avatar post author

Never 🙂



Hi Rishi, by NOT being on Amazon to defend the Honeylove brand, much of their marketing efforts are driving traffic to their Amazon competitors. Just search the Amazon KW phrase, “honeylove sculptwear for women” on Amazon to see what I mean. If Honeylove had a smart Amazon Strategy where they were the only Seller with brand and pricing integrity, they would be able to be on Amazon in a smart, successful way. Sadly, Amazon is far too big to ignore.

avatar post author

Really interesting perspective. You should reach out to Honeylove.



Always good to see companies do their own thing! I wish them the best.

avatar post author

And it’s always good to hear from you 🙂



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