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Increasing Amazon Sales

If you are looking to improve your Amazon sales there is only so much you can do because Amazon controls how product pages look and number of words that can be used on a product listing.

Luckily, just changing words in a product description can make all the difference. In the 300 A/B tests we’ve run copy changes drive the best conversion lifts.

So, what type of copy change should one make to Amazon listings?

99% of Amazon pages list their products as a commodity: “Here are the listing of features, just buy it already.”

This is how machines shop, not humans.

Here is an example of a popular product page on Amazon:

List of features shown on Amazon. It looks generic, lacks personality.

You can see in the screenshot above features have been adequately listed. What’s missing, for me, is a little bit of personality. To add copy you don’t need to rework all the text. The opening is the most important. If we can nail that the rest of the message can we left as is.

What’s our big idea? Notice in our concept we only added a new intro:

Don’t Damage or Discolor Your Teeth!
We were told it couldn’t be done, but after 109 attempts we finally arrived at our patented formula. With Oxyfresh Lemon Mint Mouthwash, you’re getting only the best ingredients that modern science and Mother Nature provide. Unlike other mouthwash solutions, ours doesn’t contain gritty particles that scratch teeth or harsh chemicals and dyes that discolor teeth over years of use. It’s time to spit out the other brands and try our mouthwash instead! Learn more below and experience the difference.

Screenshot of our concept:

We just added the intro copy. And that makes all the difference.


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