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Optimizing Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

49% of ecommerce sales now happen on Amazon so chances are you are selling there.

Understanding buyer psychology of people visiting your Amazon product page can make all the difference. In this post, we share an idea for optimizing your Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) section.

Here is a screenshot of Enhanced Brand Content for a very popular air fryer on Amazon:

Amazon air fryer. Our idea for improving conversions on this page.

If we were trying to improve this page it would really help to think about the people visiting this page. Here are some things we can guess:

— Easy guess: they are on this page to buy an air fryer
— They are looking for a healthier alternative to deep frying but still want to have fun with their food. If they simply wanted to be healthy there are plenty of options that don’t involve any sort of frying.
— These are people who enjoy delicious food.
— It’s May so people on this page are probably thinking about summer, which is just around the corner.

After noting all these points here is what we came up with:

In our concept we're using copy to influence buyer psychology.

Explanation for all the logic behind our tweaks (see 3 comments in screenshot below):

Explanation for the changes we made to the enhanced version of the Amazon page.

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It’s cool to see your psychological process here. Step 1 is not “what do we say?”. Step 1 is “who are we talking to?”.

Very cool to see how everything else flows from there!

avatar post author

You are quite astute. We can this process “Serendipity”. We use it to ask, “what all can we guess about the person on this page, their circumstance, and mental state?”



Always some great info whenever you share your thoughts.

avatar post author




Version B is MUCH BETTER!

Have you thought about contacting that company and showing them your idea, and asking them to do an a/b test?

I was just thinking – if I owned that company, or was the marketing head honcho, and you approached me with a risk free offer of doing an a/b test, I might listen.

Roll out your Version B as a test.
Whatever lift in revenue your version provides, you get a percentage of the extra revenue for your services for x amount of months.

avatar post author

That’s such a good idea. I’d love to A/B test this. I did email this company and shared this exact idea. They said, “no thank you”. Not sure if they even reviewed our idea. But I don’t mind. I’m looking for people who think like me (and you). If I got such an idea from an unknown person I would definitely want to talk to them. BTW, have a great July 4th!



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