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Shopify CRO – Small Changes, Massive Improvements

26 Million!

That’s how many eCommerce sites there are. Five million of those are Shopify stores.

Advertising gets you the attention you need. But that’s only half the story.

It’s not that ads don’t work; they do precisely what they’re meant to — bring people to your page. So what’s the other half?

It’s getting them to buy.

Shopify CRO
Sometimes the problem isn't who's seeing your product...

it's how you're selling it.

If the shoppers getting to your page are not convinced to buy, getting a bigger net isn’t the solution.

shopify cro
you don't want a bigger net
you want a net that works

How Does Shopify CRO Work?

There’s a lot of brilliant advice to optimize your site for better conversion and make your existing store traffic work for you. Run a quick Google search, and you’ll see:

  • Add higher-quality product images
  • Add video content to the page
  • Redesign the whole page
  • Use better product categories
  • Add upsells and cross-sells

That’s all good, except for one thing…

Here’s what we mean:

Say you have 100 unique visitors on your Shopify store and 4 complete an order. That means your current setup works for 4% of visitors. A 4% conversion rate is decent. You should be proud. Changing your product page a lot may disturb that 4%.

You don’t want that. There’s a better way.

Frictionless Shopify CRO

This took 14 years and countless tests to develop, so when I say it works, I mean it does. This method doesn’t disturb your current customers, but it’s guaranteed to convert the only group of visitors you should be interested in.

We’re talking about visitors leaning in with interest.

They’re intrigued, but they don’t have enough information to complete that order. Here’s the thing: they’re LOOKING for more information. They do something most visitors don’t: read your copy, watch your videos, read your reviews. This is who you want to hyperfocus on.

We follow a 3-step process to convert them from visitors to customers.

Step 1: Map Out High Visibility Locations

We place subtle CTAs in high-visibility locations on your site. Here’s an example for a hypothetical client. We’ve attached red arrows so it’s easy to spot where we’d place the CTAs.

carparts ctas

Step 2: Build The Sales Pitch

What happens when they click one of our CTAs? For one, the rest of them disappear. Then, they get a sales pitch with better stories about you and your product.

To build this pitch, we think about what they want to hear.

What do we need to tell them to convince them to buy?

What anxieties do we need to address? For example,

— Are they worried about price, quality, and logistics, or is it just their first time shopping for this kind of product online?

— Have they been disappointed by other products in the space? Or do they need a little nudge to change old habits?

We have a solid formula for building our copy that’s based on the 9 Truths About Online Shoppers. But there’s one more question we need to answer:

How do we know if our copy works for your customers?

Step 3: Find the Winning Pitch

Our 9 truths formula allows you to build many sales pitches. But we don’t know which is the best, so…

shopify cro ab testing

That’s our strategy.

To see the 3 steps in action, check out this article.

Shopify CRO works

This concept isn’t a theoretical framework. It’s the base formula for all our conversion work for clients. This marketing framework can be used to boost sales for sports products. To sell skincare productsPet productsConsumer electronicsAthletic gearBack pain solutionsFood items. High-end cooking tools.

Does the sales pitch always need to be shown as a popup? Nope.

It can also convert cold Facebook ad traffic, improve mobile conversion ratesgenerate calls, optimize your most important landing pageetc.

It can even be used to improve your overall conversion rates.

Want to try it out for yourself? Drop me a comment, and I’ll show you how.


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