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How Combustion Used Conversion Copywriting To Improve Sales by 17.7%

  • Goal:
    • Combustion is a high-quality cooking solution that is objectively better than alternatives. But it isn’t cheap, and our job was to do a better job pitching it to prospective customers..
  • Outcome:
    • 17.7% lift in sales of the bestseller.


Combustion’s current product page is already working. It’s designed well and has all the information that most shoppers are looking for. It’s converting at an impressive rate of 2.82%.

But we knew that more people were lingering on the page (leaning in with interest) but not buying. The strategy was to target and convert this group


Here is a screenshot of what the mobile page looked like before we started.

You’ll notice it’s extremely well-designed and, without being too wordy, has all the information most shoppers seek.


If you’ve seen our case studies, you know we have a very predictable formula, which is we place subtle nudges across the funnel, and when people who lean in with interest, our most important audience, we show our personalized sales pitch in a lightbox.

The most common question marketers ask is, “Rishi, if your pitch has a good conversion impact, why do you make people click to see it? Why not just place it on the page for everyone to see.”

That’s exactly what we did for this test on Combustion.


For this test, we targeted both the homepage and the bestseller product page.

Step 1: Add Nudges At High Visibility Locations

We found a high visibility location on the homepage where the bestseller is prominently displayed (pointed by a green arrow):

But what if someone misses it on the homepage? So, we also targeted a few high-visibility locations on the product page.

We picked this location on the first scroll (top of the mobile page, pointed by a green arrow):

And this location on the second scroll (pointed by a green arrow):

And this location on the third scroll (pointed by a green arrow):

Combustion Case Study

And if all 3 nudges somehow got missed, we added a 4th nudge at this location (pointed by a green arrow):

Note: the 4 nudges shown above are conditional. If a shopper clicks on any of the nudges in the image gallery, this link will immediately made invisible. This does something powerful: it maximizes the probability of a shopper seeing one of our nudges while eliminating the possibility of someone clicking the first nudge, seeing our pitch, and then clicking the second nudge and seeing the same content again. That would be a poor user experience.

Set 2: The Sales Pitch

When the shopper clicks on any of the 4 nudges shown above, they are shown this lightbox. It’s fullscreen on mobile and takes 2/3rd of the width on desktop.


Here is an explanation for all the why we made the choices we made:


The test ran for a total of 2 months. We kept it running that long to be sure our test numbers were stable.

Here are the numbers:

To be triple sure about these results, I asked VWO’s datascience team to review the numbers. The winner was implemented only once they validated the final numbers.

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