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Boosting Sales of Navel Oranges: A Juicy Example of Effective Conversion Rate Optimization

What do I do when I’m not writing copy, boosting sales or optimizing conversions? Well, laps. But that’s a story for another time. When I’m not doing any of those things, I’m on the internet finding great examples of optimized content and teasing out the CRO principles sellers use to increase conversions. And, of course, figuring out what we’d do differently with the copy for an unfair advantage. What can I say? It’s a way of life at this point.

So, let’s get right into it.

You’re about to see how two stores pitch trays/boxes of premium navel oranges on their product pages. Navel oranges? Yes, these…

Boosting sales
Screenshot from halogroves showing navel oranges

First, I’ll highlight what I like about the copy from both sellers. Then, I’ll show you how I’d use our unique copywriting strategy to write a sales pitch that’s destined to boost sales. Bold claim? More on that later.

First up is Halo Groves (on desktop, click image to zoom):

boosting sales
screenshot of product description on halogroves.com with notes of copy strategy

And another from Pittman Davis (on desktop, click image to zoom):

boosting sales
screenshot of product description on pittmandavies.com with notes of copy strategy

Now, before I show you what we’d do differently, here’s some context.

Conversion Rate Optimization, the Frictionless Way

By researching boosting conversions, you are already ahead of your peers. But you aren’t looking to be ahead of them. You want to make your peers inconsequential.

We’ve been sitting in our marketing lab 🥼experimenting with ideas 🧪for the last 14 years. Our clients have invested $2.9 million in these marketing experiments, and in that process, we have learned some fundamental truths.

We believe trying to convert all site visitors isn’t a good idea. It’s a little like trying to boil the ocean. There is a better way.

The reality is that your site visitors can be divided into 3 buckets:

— Those who are currently buying.

— Those interested but not convinced.

— Those who will never buy.

The sales opportunity lies with the middle group. Figuring out how to target this audience and convert them is what we’ve been working on for the last 14 years.

Our copywriting strategy is part of our overall method to achieve a whopping 20% increase in conversions in just 90 days without messing with your product page. Here’s a summary of what’s involved.

Step 1: Map out High-Visibility Locations

We place subtle CTAs in strategic locations on your site where we know your target audience will spot them. We’ve attached red arrows in this example so it’s easy to spot where we’d place the CTAs.

Step 2: Build a Sales Pitch that Boosts Conversions

When they click one of our CTAs, the rest of them disappear. Then, they see a pop-up sales pitch that’s been custom-built to convert.

We have a solid formula for building our pitches based on the 9 Truths About Online Shoppers.

Here’s the pop-up with our sales pitch

boosting sales
Sample sales pitch using the 9 truths

And here’s why we made those copy choices. If you are seeing this article on your 🖥️, click the image below to see the zoomed view. On 📱, pinch and pull the image (clicking it locks the pinch-and-pull mobile feature):

Step 3: Find the Winning Sales Pitch

In practice, our 9 truths formula allows us to build many sales pitches. But we don’t know which is the best, so…

boosting sales
 we ab test dozens of copy variations to find which flavor works best for your product page

So where’s the Proof?

This concept isn’t a theoretical framework. It’s the base formula for all our conversion work for clients. This marketing framework can be used to boost sales for sports products. To sell skincare productsPet productsConsumer electronicsAthletic gearBack pain solutionsFood itemsHigh-end cooking tools.

Does the sales pitch always need to be shown as a popup? Nope.

It can also convert cold Facebook ad traffic, improve mobile conversion ratesgenerate calls, optimize your most important landing pageetc.

It can even be used to improve your overall conversion rates.

Want to try it out for yourself? Drop me a comment, and I’ll show you how.


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