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Focus on Converting Healthy Skeptics

This marketing insight has eluded me for 14 years.

If I could go back in time, pay someone $21,000 to teach me this lesson, and save those 14 years I’d consider it a good deal.

Can’t go back in time and help myself, but I can help you.

I’m Just Going to Dive In

Say you enjoy a 4% conversion rate. That still means that 96% of all your marketing efforts aren’t generating results.

Confronted with this we often panic and jump into trying to convert everyone.

The reality is that 80% will never buy. Even Nike.com is unable to convince 80% of its visitors. Forget the 80%.

4% are already buying.

And that leaves 16% who sit between will never buy and already buying. They’ll buy but need more convincing.

Is the Healthy Skeptics fishing visual clear? /


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    We'll talk soon!

    We’ve named these 16% Healthy Skeptics.

    Healthy Skeptics are drawn to your pitch’s pull. They even come close to buying, but the pull just isn’t strong enough to bite.

    I like working with this group because all they need is a little more gentle convincing.

    The game now becomes influencing the 16% without disturbing the sales being generated by the 4%.

    Questions That Bubble up in the Minds of Healthy Skeptics

    On a site like Dyson.com

    How Dyson.com needs to think about healthy skeptics.

    HeatTrak.com sells snow-melting walkway mats:

    How a snow melting mat company should think about healthy skeptics on their site.

    On a pellet grill site like recteq.com, looking at their best seller …

    Qualities of a Healthy Skeptic

    There are 4:

    Healthy Skeptics have 4 qualities.

    Multiplying Effect of Focusing on Healthy Skeptics

    By making oursales pitchattractive to Healthy Skeptics we are automatically making it 2x more impactful for all visitors to your site.

    A standup comedian whose routine gets a hard-to-please audience member to laugh will get an even bigger reaction from an easy-to-please audience member.



    — or —


      Thinking Like Healthy Skeptics

      To feel what Healthy Skeptics feel I read each line of the product description and ask myself questions like:

      1: Why would this matter?

      2: What evidence do I have to support this statement?

      3: Is this statement coming off as marketing speak? If so, how do I phrase it to sound more like something a subject matter expert would say?

      Poking holes in something you’ve worked so hard on is an uncomfortable feeling. But whether we like it or not the healthy skeptic is thinking about these questions.


      This Healthy Skeptics concept isn’t a theoretical framework. It’s the base formula for all the conversion work we do for clients. This marketing framework can be used to boost sales for sports products. To sell skincare products. Pet products. Consumer electronics. Athletic gear. Back pain solutions. Food items.

      It can also be used to convert cold Facebook ad traffic, improve mobile conversion rates, generate calls, optimize your most important landing page, etc.

      It can even be used to improve your overall conversion rates.

      Digging Deeper

      This article shines a light πŸ”¦ on Healthy Skeptics but you aren’t looking for inspiration, you want a step-by-step process to write copy to convert these Healthy Skeptics. To do that we need to zoom out and follow this 7-step life-enhancing process: The Frictionless Process.

      Frictionless process to convert Healthy Skeptics.

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      The little light switch visual at the end was just *perfect*. Said it all. More please. And perhaps not all the way at the end, too? πŸ™‚

      avatar post author

      Hi, Julie. Next time I’ll add the visual on top. Promise πŸ™‚



      Would have taken me much longer than two hours. Good message, thank you – I wanted more too!!

      avatar post author

      Hey, Julie. Nice to hear from you. Glad you liked it.



      Such a great point of view that will hace a positive impact on any CRO effort for any type of websites!

      Thanks Rishi!



      Hi Rishi,

      Not what you asked for but have you ever considered applying these techniques on other than eCommerce websites OR maybe apps?

      avatar post author

      Hey, Niranjan. These ideas can be applied to all sorts of businesses. For example, we did a 2-year project for a lead gen B2B site and doubled conversion rates over a 2 year period.



      Great article, Rishi! I like how you added a few engagement widgets here and there to keep my mouse engaged too πŸ™‚



      Rishi, you do a Great job. The most exciting-inspiring Newsletter by far.



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