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Shopify PDP Doctor: When No One Product Drives More Than 10% of Sales

First of all, this isn’t a bad thing. For sites that have many items where old items get removed and new items get added regularly this is very typical.

But if you don’t have any one product that’s driving 10% of overall sales you need to think about optimizing at the site level. You need the why we exist pitch.

Why We Exist Pitch

This video will shed light on why Why We Exist is such a lethal conversion strategy:

The Job of Why We Exist Story

For a new visitor to a product page, their first thought isn’t, “This is a great product I’m going to buy it” it’s “Who are these guys? Should I seriously consider their offering?”

As a result, the first thing I need to do is sell this new visitor on me, the brand.

That’s what Why We Exist solves.

We use why we exist story to help our new visitors cross the unfamiliarity barrier (visually explained below):

Optimize conversion rates. Get the user over the unfamiliarity barrier
Unfamiliarity barrier. This is where most visitors are lost.

What to Include in Your Why We Exist Story

Few of the things we are trying to convey in the Why We Exist story are:

1: Empathizing with the visitor. Letting them know we hear👂 and understand their struggle.

2: Demonstrating expertise. You’ve spent years improving your processes– manufacturing, research, shipping, warehousing, and studying the competition. By paying one low price the shopper gains all the benefits of all those learnings. This is a huge advantage and needs to be communicated in your story. Dig deeper into the subject of demonstrating expertise here: Copywriting Secret: Demonstrate Expertise.

3: Philosophical alignment. Sir James Dyson, the founder of Dyson, said this: “I just want things to work properly.”

This is what the brand embodies. And this is why Dyson.com was able to expand from being just a vacuum cleaner brand to being a whole family of products all of which satisfied the “I just want things to work properly” ethos.

Are the 3 items mentioned above clear? /


Let's get in touch so I can explain this better.


    Expect to hear from me in the next 24 hours.

    Where to Place “Why We Exist” Pitch

    This next part is going to require a developer. At this point in time, our app is not able to dynamically add this content but we hope future versions of the app will allow you to do this on your end. But for now, you need your developer.

    To see how this functionality works we’ve made a demo page for you. On this page, at the top, you will see a floating bar with a video where I explain how the whole interface works.

    Here is the link: https://frictionlessco.wpengine.com/demo/

    In the page above you noticed we added conditional CTAs to the page. You will need to work with your developer to apply that format to all your product pages.

    Next, you will need to also set an Event in GA so that if any of the CTAs to the why we exist pitch is clicked it is tracked in GA. You can name the Event why we exist CTA click.

    Once this is done drop me an email at: hello@frictionlessco.wpengine.com. Use the subject: Shopify PDP Doctor app and I’ll take a quick look.

    Testing Why We Exist Story

    Once implemented we need to check to see what % of people are triggering the why we exist CTA click Event in GA. You want to make that number is above 10%.

    To show the power of this approach I’d like to share two case studies.

    “Why We Exist” Case Study

    This case study will change your life. It even has a test concept walkthrough video: Conversion Copywriting: How One Section Lifted Overall Sales.

    We did a similar experiment for another client, HandicappedPets.com. We conditionally placed multiple call-to-actions (CTAs) on the product page to draw attention to their Why We Exist story. You can read this case study here: How Revealing Your “Why We Exist Story” Can Boost Conversions Sitewide.

    How to Track Progress in Our App


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