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Top 6 Marketing Lessons for Marketers

There are too many marketing lessons out there, and over the last 14 years I’ve tried them all.

So I’m not going to waste your time by just talking about marketing lessons that you could find anywhere else. I will share the key marketing lessons I’ve learned after working with 200+ eCommerce clients.

Some of you like to learn via video, while others prefer to read. If you like to read skip the video and read the marketing lessons below it.

Why Listen to Me

My name is Rishi Rawat and I’ve been thinking about online shopper behavior for a really long time. And I haven’t only been thinking about it. I’ve done consulting work for over 200 eCommerce brands that have paid me over $3,900,000 to understand and fix their conversion leaks.

Here are my top 6 marketing lessons for you. PS: these are the only 6 lessons that matter and if you do them you will grow your sales by 20% in under 90 days.

1: If you are spending on paid advertising your product page is your whole site.

Marketing lesson PDP is Entire Site

2: The average visitor lingers for 2:32. Their return rate is under 32%.

3: Your landing traffic has your competitor tabs open. So your first goal isn’t to close the sale, it’s to get them to ignore those other tabs.

4: Consumers are drawn to expertise so spend most of your time emphasizing how much you understand this problem and your demonstrable expertise in solving it.

5: Some people like short and to-the-point explanations, others like detailed explanations. Don’t worry about guessing what your visitor wants. Just give them access to both versions on the product page. You can learn more about these two types of visitors in this article: Tell Me More About Skimmers and Diggers.

6: When testing, test radical ideas. Ideas that have vastly different points of view. For example, if you are selling running shoes have one version that really plays up the importance of having really good running shoes, and how hard it is to find one. Have another version that talks about the incredible difficulty in constructing an exceptional running shoe.

When you test minor differences it takes the testing tool a really long time to identify a difference between the two versions. When you test radically different ideas the testing tool will very quickly reveal if your idea is good or not-so-good. It’ll be able to do this because shoppers will react strongly (positive or negative). It’s in these reactions that the brand is able to learn key buyer psychology insights about shoppers.

Want More Marketing Lessons?

eCommerce is a giant space (there are over 12 million eCom sites) and while it’s impossible for me to study each of them each week I spend at least 5 hours studying how marketers are using clever marketing tricks. Each week I note at least 3 ideas for my swipe file. You can signup here:

Want Access to Stash?

This marketing lesson post was an appetizer. The main course is where the magic is. Now that you’ve seen a glimpse of something very few marketers know the next logical step for us to pull back the curtain and reveal our process.


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