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Improving Conversions the Frictionless Way: Lashify.com

Fourteen years and $2.9 million have gone into developing our unique conversion copywriting formula. And we have the receipts to show it works. But every so often, we stumble across a site we’ve never worked with using elements of our strategy and well… we give ourselves a well-deserved pat on the back.

Today, it was the About Us page of a lash company called Lashify.com

Here’s the piece of copy that caught our attention. It’s a letter from the founder with a little spin on their origin story. See if you can spot how some of the 9 truths are used here. But don’t fret—right after this screenshot, you’ll see another with all the conversion copywriting explained.

Here’s how this bit of copy uses the 9 truths. If you are seeing this article on your 🖥️, click the image below to see the zoomed view. On 📱, pinch and pull the image (clicking it locks the pinch-and-pull mobile feature):

Now, while this is great for an About Us page, there’s a reason we focus most of our efforts on your product page instead. Our conversion copywriting formula is one (big) part of the overall strategy that gets us a whopping

And all that without taking a sledgehammer to your product page. For a detailed explanation of our 3-step method, check out this demo (for an actual client this time).

Does it work?

Need more proof our method works besides seeing total strangers on the internet use bits? Here’s a few: We’ve boosted sales for sports products this way. Sold skincare productsPet productsConsumer electronicsAthletic gearBack pain solutionsFood items. And more.

It can even be used to improve your overall conversion rates.

Want to see it work for you? Drop me a comment below, and I’ll show you how.


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