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Conversion Secrets: Converting First-Time Buyers

The life of a brand’s customer can be divided into two halves: their life before they experienced the brand and their life after.

Every time I think about marketing, I keep returning to the fact that this singular moment (converting first-time buyers) is the most important goal of marketing.

Converting first-time buyers

All our marketing strategies: like gently inserting ourselves in the lives of prospects (as they were happily going on without us), presenting compelling reasons to buy, helping them see why breaking up with their current brand is a good idea, etc.

The goal of all these things is to get a prospect to this conclusion, “Having heard all sides of the argument, I have decided to bet on this brand.”

That is the single most important function of marketing.

Think about the profound transformation that is happening in the life of the customer.

Roll back time a few minutes and they were living a life that didn’t depend on our product.

Roll forward a few, and they have just given our product a chance to improve their quality of life.

This is a huge step for the buyer. It would have been so much easier for them NOT TO risk adding something new into their life.

And it’s important that the marketer understands that the principal objective (the only objective, really) is converting first-time buyers. Let me explain why this matters.

Let’s imagine two scenarios. In one scenario, I am asking you to sell this air purifier:

Selling an air purifier to first-time buyers

In the second scenario, I am asking you to sell the same air purifier to someone who has never heard about this model or experienced its purified air. A first-time buyer.

I am confident the contours of your pitch will be very different for the second scenario.

And it is that subtle messaging shift that generates the biggest sustained impact on our conversion rates.

“I Understand the Importance of Converting First-Time Buyers, Now What?”

Now, we will open up an entirely new marketing world to you. You will see how, with this focus, every unit of your marketing effort will deliver a bigger $$$ punch.

Let’s say your website has a conversion rate of 4%. Considering your ad spend, it’s natural to be upset by the 4% number.

Fact: Most visitors simply can’t be persuaded. So, the most efficient tactic is to quickly identify the subgroup of people who are interested, but not convinced.

This group offers the highest revenue lift potential. We teach you how to target this group and convert them in this nine truths article.


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