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What Do Conversion Copywriters Have in Common With Lawyers?

Conversion copywriters and lawyers are first cousins. Some copywriters don’t like this association but that doesn’t change facts.

When fighting a case the lawyer has to rely on the truth but is allowed to focus on different aspects of it. This is exactly what the copywriter does.

Successful lawyers are suspiciously good at carefully constructing the case. They know what is revealed first and what comes later is really important. Conversion copywriters should be using this technique too. After all:

Conversion copywriting and lawyers have a lot in common.

Once you realize that copywriting isn’t a creative output but a strategy it frees your mind.

For those who prefer learning in video format we’ve made this video:

So this happened to me today:

Conversion Copywriting and Lawyers Visual Metaphor

I find it incredibly useful to learn through analogies, so maybe this will help you too.

Think of your product page as a courtroom. The shopper is part of the Jury and your job is to build a case and convince them to buy.

The reality is that the jury is a little biased against me (totally understandable).

The only tool I have available to me is the truth but what I can do is this:

– Think of ways of making the truth interesting
– Use analogies to emphasize your point
– Use empathy to connect with readers
– Decide on what aspects of the truth I’ll give more emphasis to
– Decide the sequence in which I’ll reveal the facts

When I look at writing product page copy using this courtroom analogy I find it leads me down very interesting paths.

Next Chapter

Now that you’ve seen what conversion copywriting and lawyers have in common we’re ready to move into the next phase of the journey: How Storytelling Connects with Conversion Copywriting.


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