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PDP Optimization

Before getting into PDP optimization let’s walk in the shoes of a typical shopper:

As a marketer if I could pick just one focus area it would be PDP optimization. The product page is where the “moment of truth” happens.

Visitors engaged on the product page are telling us, “I see all you have to offer and this, right here, is what I’m most intrigued by.”

Shoppers enter your site looking to buy one item. Therefore, as far as they’re concerned, your entire site is one product page.

PDP Optimization– PDP is Entire Site

How to Think About Your PDPs

The purpose of the product page isn’t to impress your competitors or win design awards. The singular goal of product page optimization is to get new visitors to buy.

I love and have huge respect for, old-school direct response copywriters like Joseph Sugarman. People like Joseph don’t care about awards. They wrote copy for effect. They crafted sales pitches for … sales.

PDP Optimization- The Job of Product Description

You Have One Shot

Databox did a survey of marketers and found that the average percentage of new visitors on a site is 68% (source).

PDP Optimization

This means if you don’t convert the visitor on your site right now there is a 68% you’ve lost them forever.

Don’t blow it.

Why Listen to Me

My name is Rishi Rawat and I’ve been running marketing experiments for the last 14 years. eCommerce is a giant space (there are over 12 million eCom sites) and while it’s impossible for me to study each of them each week I spend at least 5 hours studying how marketers are using clever marketing tricks. Each week I note at least 3 ideas for my swipe file. Speaking of swipe files:

A Different Take on Product Page Optimization

Products are typically sold by discussing features and benefits, current price specials, glowing reviews, product photos, etc.

But these are table stakes (meeting minimum customer expectations). To make my product really shine I need to make a compelling case for the buyer– I need a sales pitch.

Who to Focus PDP Optimization On

We have a very different, somewhat controversial approach to conversion optimization. And it’s this— we ignore 84% of all visitors to your site so we can double down on a very specific group: Healthy Skeptics.

I promise, clicking the link above will meaningfully upgrade your life.


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