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eCommerce Marketing Strategies

eCommerce marketing strategies help you convert more site visitors, more efficiently. It’s the difference between struggling and winning.

This article will cover the following:

  1. Why eCommerce marketing strategies matter
  2. The goal isn’t to draw more users to the site
  3. The mistake marketers make with their eCommerce marketing strategies
  4. Why listen to me
  5. A counterintuitive solution no one expects

Ready? Let’s go.

Why eCommerce Marketing Strategies Matter

We’re living in a noisy world. The average consumer is bombarded with over 4,000 ads a day. There are so many brands fighting for your customers.

But that isn’t all. Databox surveyed marketers. They found that, on average, 68% of site visitors are new visitors (source). If you don’t convert the visitor on your site right now, you’ve lost 68% of them forever.

And this is why we need to nail our eCommerce marketing strategies. If we don’t our competitors will be more than happy to eat our lunch.

The Goal Isn’t to Draw More Users to the Site

The conversion rate for the average eCommerce site is 2.5% to 3%.

Average eCommerce conversion rate

So when the business objective is to grow sales the natural response is to increase advertising to pull in new site visitors. This can be a challenge for two reasons:

Ad Costs Are Going Up

Here is a report from August 31, 2021: Google and Facebook prices climb 1000% in some sectors, 45% on average. This is obviously unsustainable. But don’t worry, we will reveal a solution shortly.

It’s Harder to Track Users

The rise in Facebook stock price over the last 3 years was fueled by the fact that Facebook was offering marketers granular targeting. If I was selling a cold press juicer …

eCommerce Marketing Strategies– Cold Press Juicer

… I could find people on Facebook who were currently trying to lose weight, who were premium buyers (since this is a premium item), and who liked cooking.

Not just that, I could even target people who had bought a product that competed against mine and convince them to switch brands. This was an amazing marketing cheat code. That’s changed.

Companies and Governments are regulating visitor tracking. This trend is being led by companies like Apple, who, in 2021, changed its default settings, allowing Apple customers to block tracking data. This means sites can no longer track returning visitors in Apple-controlled environments.

What Apple has done will become the norm across the ecosystems. In fact, Google Analytics has already started showing this message to Google Analytics users:

Starting July 1, 2023, Google is no longer taking responsibility for holding your site visitor data. If you want to hold it you need to do it on your own servers. Google is doing this because they don’t want to be sued for privacy violations.

All of this means that we need to shift our focus from drawing in more site visitors to converting the visitors who are already on our sites.

The Mistake Marketers Make With Their Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

It’s good to be ambitious, but it’s even better to be strategic. We saw earlier in this article that the average conversion rate for an eCommerce site is 2.5% to 3%. Most marketers assume this means we have room to go after the remaining 97%. This is the ambitious approach. Let me tell you about the strategic way to tackle this.

But first …

Why Listen to Me

My name is Rishi Rawat and I’ve been running marketing experiments for the last 14 years. Our clients have invested over $3,900,000 with us to understand shopper behavior on their sites.

eCommerce is a giant space (there are over 12 million eCom sites) and while it’s impossible for me to study each of them each week I spend at least 5 hours studying how marketers are using clever marketing tricks. Each week I note at least 3 ideas for my swipe file. Speaking of swipe files:

A Counterintuitive Solution No One Expects

I’m going to teach you a technique that none of your competitors know about and one that’s guaranteed to massively impact your conversion rates.

Most people on your site aren’t going to buy. Our strategy is to ignore 84% of site visitors so we can triple down on a very narrow segment, the Healthy Skeptics. 👈🏼 Click that link to radically enhance your eCommerce site.


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