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Copywriting Secrets: Let’s Start With My #1 Tip

You Googled “Copywriting Secrets” so you are expecting a bunch of copywriting secrets and I promise that’s what you’ll get.

But first, I must share my favorite copywriting secret, the one that very few copywriters use. And because it’s used so little is precisely why you need to use it. When they zig, you should zag.

Here’s what marketers say: Make the buyer the hero of the story. Don’t make yourself the hero.

This is very good advice, but there is a little asterisk (*) here. Before you can make the buyer the hero of the story you need to prove to the buyer you are worthy of their attention. You need to demonstrate expertise.

In the video below👇 I discuss this idea.


So my recommendation is to:

– Write your first draft demonstrating expertise.
– Once that’s been done, rewrite it such that the buyer is the hero of the journey and you are the guide.

To learn more about how to demonstrate expertise read this article: Copywriting Secret: Demonstrate Expertise.

You came here looking for copywriting secrets. That’s plural. I’ve given you one. In the next article, you’ll learn 8 more secrets that are guaranteed to improve your conversion rates by 20%.

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