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Copywriting Hack to Dramatically Improve Conversions

This copywriting hack is something I use all the time and it helps us generate massive A/B test winners. And it’s easy.

Some of you like to read, others like video. If you prefer to read just skip this video:

Here’s how this copywriting hack works. PS: please don’t share.

Write the first draft of the copy yourself.

Don’t worry about it being perfect but make sure you’ve followed editing rules.

Now go to someone on your team or use a service like draft.co.

Next, I’m going to ask you to lie. Here’s what you need to do. Pass these instructions to the copywriter:

I wrote this and ran it as a test. The test killed conversions.

How would you rewrite this? Things to consider:

– De-emphasize some of the things I emphasized.

– Add new Selling Angles.

– Shorten/lengthen the text.

The idea is to have the next attempt start with the belief that this idea totally failed.

Why This Copywriting Hack

A/B testing tools need one of the following two things in order to declare test outcomes:

– Large order volumes (over 400 a month).

– Big contrast between test concepts.

If your site is relatively small (most are) then you are better off setting tests that have big differences. This not only speeds up the A/B testing process but also helps you understand at a fundamental level what people are reacting to. These are the types of insights that will give you a real strategic advantage over competitors because most of your competitors are running safe tests.

Does This Copywriting Hack Really Work?

This copywriting hack is how we’ve been able to make millions for our eCom clients. Have a look at some of our case studies.

What Comes After This Copywriting Hack

I’m glad you are looking beyond this copywriting hack because this is the tip of the iceberg. The real conversion goal lies in understanding how online shoppers behave. See, there are over 316,800 marketers in the US and I’m pretty confident most of them are running safe experiments. Safe experiments are fine but they don’t help you leapfrog over the competition. For that, you need to access our marketing secrets article.


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