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What Should a Marketer Focus On?

First of all, congrats on having the courage to wonder what the marketer should focus on. Most don’t even think about this question and it’s such an important question.

As marketers, we spread our attention across various marketing functions (in the image below, “WOM” is “word-of-mouth”):

Various marketing functions

Instead, we should be spending 100% of our energy on converting new buyers— people who have never bought from us before. We call this switch behavior. This graphic nicely illustrates the idea.

Marketers Need to Focus On the First Sale

Why Focus On Converting New People?

If we had 100 hours in a day it would make sense to focus on everything— cross-selling, up-selling, sending emails to people who bought from us in the past.

But we don’t have 100 hours. So it makes sense to focus on activities that generate the biggest impact.

The great thing about improving the conversion rate of new buyers is that it’s the tide that raises all boats. If you can improve the proportion of new buyers you will automatically also improve your word-of-mouth marketing. Here’s the math.

Let’s say you have 100 customers and 10 of those customers spread the word about you and bring in new buyers. This means 10% of your customers do marketing for you. If you laser focus on converting new buyers and improve conversions by 10% it would mean you now have 110 customers.

If 10% do word-of-mouth marketing for us that means we now have 11 customers– versus the previous count of 10– who are actively promoting us.

Further Reading

You found this article because you were wondering what the marketer should focus on. That’s a brave first step. But we have so much more to share.

We’ve spent the last 13 years in our marketing lab, experimenting with ways to optimize conversion rates and grow sales. We’re ready to spill the beans.

The following articles will save you 13 years:

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About Frictionless Commerce

We deliver an unfair advantage to technical product DTC brands (for example, Dyson) by improving advertising effectiveness by 20% in 90 days. This is achieved using a buyer psychology conversion copywriting framework. All paid traffic eventually reaches the product page and this is where we strike. Our process.

If you like doing the hard work yourself, our founder Rishi shares conversion ideas on LinkedIn every day. Connect with him here.

If you want to make your life easier and still increase conversions, jump on a call.


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