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The Most Impactful Ideas Are Bold Ideas

When it comes to testing or trying anything new, the most impactful ideas are bold ideas.

Let’s take a look at an example from Gun Dog Supply, which is a site that specializes in selling supplies for hunting dogs.

On this past Thanksgiving week, the guys over at Gun Dog Supply tried something interesting. We certainly haven’t seen it before.

On Tuesday, November 26, they did a “Takeover Tuesday”, somewhat like what you may see with a social media takeover campaign. Steve Snell’s brother, Rob, was handed took over the reins of the site. What did he do with that power? Let’s see what he shared on Facebook:

GunDogSupply mobile homepage

Rob made two changes, which we numbered in the above image:

  1. He made the site visit fun and exciting for shoppers.
  2. He offered free standard shipping to the contiguous U.S. for that Tuesday only (or until Steve found out).
  3. He changed the hero image on the site’s homepage to show him dressed up as Steve while Steve dressed up as him.

This bold idea was a monster success. Why? The idea is full to the brim with personality, humor, and even a little bit of Serendipity (“Today only” — the shopper was lucky to have come across the page today to take advantage of this offer). This encourages engagement like no other.

But we know what you’re wondering. What was the result of this crazy idea?

Almost 4x in order volume for nearly twice the gross profit.

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If you are going to reduce prices, I like this kind of irregular promotion. It makes people less like to habituate to your promotions.

The exact opposite is the kind of stuff a store like Gap does. Regular seasonal sales, so everyone knows the price will drop 30-50% on a certain date. And thus teaching their customers to wait for those times to make a purchase

avatar post author

Exactly. Plus, I like the playfulness of this promo, “Steve is out hunting so I’m taking over the site!”

Also, hunting is very on-brand for them since they sell hunting dog training gear.



Great example. Thank you for sharing this!



Your emails are always so good. Gives me so many wonderful ideas! Thanks Rishi!

avatar post author

I’m so glad, Jonaed. Hope all is well on your end.



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