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Technical Product DTC Brands

Technical product DTC brands are products that are technical in nature. We’ll show examples below so you can see the difference between a technical DTC brand versus a non-technical one.

Examples of Non-technical Product DTC Brands

These are products people buy mostly for their aesthetic appeal.


Fashion brands: Riot Society Clothing is an exceptionally successful DTC clothing brand:

Example of non-technical DTC brand

Jewelry brands: Mejuri is a high-growth Canadian jewelry brand but it’s not the right client for our specialized conversion copywriting process.

Canadian non technical DTC brand

Basically, if the brand is selling something where the shopper can make the purchase decision without reading the product description then it’s not a fit.

Examples of Technical Product DTC Brands

We looooove technical DTC brands and after showing a few examples we’ll explain how technical product DTC brands are totally different. But first, let’s see a few examples.

A technical product DTC brand is a product that is fairly technical. It’s the type of product the consumer is buying because the product solves a very specific technical task.

Examples: Dyson.com cordless cleaner is the first name that comes to my mind:

Technical DTC Product

Example: BRUNT.com makes gear for gear for people in the construction space. A really popular item on their site is this boot:

Technical DTC Brand

Shoppers on BRUNT.com aren’t buying this boot just because it looks cool. They are buying it for highly technical features like:

Highly technical features for technical DTC brand

But there are many examples of technical DTC products:

Dog supplement

What Makes Technical Product DTC Brands Different?

While coolness is always an important buying criterion for technical DTC brands it’s not the only criteria. Someone may look at the humidor above because they like the wood grain of the box but that’s not why they would buy it. They would buy it because it does a great job taking care of their cigar.

And that means the retailer needs to convince the skeptical first-time buyer that this humidor is technically superior. The brand will need to construct a sales pitch that convinces the shopper to buy.

To do that the marketer will need to use words and video content to persuade the shopper.

The stakes are high because most visitors visit the retailer’s site just once so if we slip up we’ll likely never see this buyer again. We have one shot. This one-shot situation is what we specialize in.


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