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Shopify Product Description

Shopify Product Description is the most important part of your entire Shopify site and in this article, we’ll explain why.

If you have a Shopify site you are most likely driving traffic to your product page. And if you’re driving traffic to your product page you need to optimize the most important part of the product page— the part description.

Let’s first establish the importance of the product page. The reason why your product page is super important is because this is how shoppers discover new products online:

The most important element

One would think that the product image or the customer reviews would be the most important part of your product page.

Nutribullet.com Shopify Product Description

And while these elements are without a doubt important beyond the most important part of your product page. That honor belongs to the product description.

Why Your Shopify Product Description Matters

Your product description is where you explain to your buyer what your product does, how it’s different from other competing products, what makes it the best in the world for this price point, and the amount of effort you have invested to bring this product to the market.

Shopify Product Description Maximizing Conversions

This is where things start to get interesting. Now that we’ve established the importance of the product description we need to start thinking about how to maximize conversion rates on the product page by crafting the perfect product description.

We have one shot with our visitor

If you open up your Google analytics and look at the return rate for new visitors you will realize that 85% of visitors never come back here. This means that we have one shot to convert them using our Shopify product description. We need to make every second count.

I find it very useful to think about your product description like a sales pitch. Once you start looking at it from this perspective you realize that just having the features and benefits in the product description isn’t enough.

Shopify Product Description Features and Benefits

Shopify Product Description Product Story

The beating heart of your product description is your product story. A product story is a special type of story that’s designed to connect with visitors and make them fall in love with your creation. The job of the product story is to educate and convert new visitors.

Crafting Shopify Product Description to Maximize Conversion Rates

Now we’re cooking. The next step of the process is to reframe the product description so it captures the essence of your product story. To do this you are going to have to rely on leveraging core principles from buyer psychology. You see in order to connect with, convince, and said use shoppers we need to understand their inner dialogue. We are just trying to satisfy their rational needs we are also trying to understand their unarticulated irrational needs. In this next article, we’re going to show you how to craft a killer product description for your Shopify site.


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