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Product Description Template: 10+ Years in the Making

Many sites talk about building the perfect product description template.

But they also discuss many other marketing topics.

We only talk about product descriptions. We only work on helping retailers improve the $$$ their product descriptions generate.

You’ve come to the right place.

I will now reveal the product description template that we developed over 14 years of relentless A/B testing.

The Mistake Brands Make

They focus too much on their product photos and videos:

Product Photos

They rely too much on the reviews they’ve collected. Vitalproteins.com (3,177 reviews):

Vitalproteins.com Product Reviews

See, I think the product description is the only thing that matters, it’s where the sale starts. Your product photos seduce the buyer after the spark of interest has been ignited (by your product description).

Your customer reviews convince them after the sales pitch has been read (which is housed in your product description.)

What Is a Product Description?

Product Description Template

Next, we’ll talk about the product description template that’s going to make you money

Why It’s Critical to Get the Product Description Template Right

The marketer knows two things for sure:

A: That They Have One Shot

If you go to your Google Analytics and peek into the Audience –> Overview report you’ll find a pie chart that shows your site’s returning visitor rate.

Here’s mine:

Google Analytics Returning Visitors Optimize Conversion Rates

Even if your return rate is 20% it means 80% of visitors see your site just once.

Those are garbage odds. We need to close the sale on the first (and only) visit. And for that, you need the perfect product description template.

B: Advertising Is Expensive (And Getting Expensive-er)

My clients spend a lot on advertising. As their competitors spend more they are forced to respond.

Advertising platforms like Facebook and Google make money when brands get into bidding wars.

Don’t spend more, get better results by improving your advertising conversion rates with a killer sales pitch.

Product Description Template

The link in the next paragraph will discuss the four we’ll discuss all four steps to constructing the perfect product description template. We’ve used this approach on 100s of eCommerce clients and generated millions in new sales. Here is our latest case study.

Ready to change your life? Read the next section.

Why Listen to Us?

We’ve spent the last 14 years in our marketing lab 🧑‍🔬 🧪, experimenting on online shoppers. We’ve learned a crap ton and are ready to share those learning.

We want more marketers and CEOs to know about it.

Eventually, we’ll make this into a book. If you want an unfair advantage over competitors now is the time to steal our ideas because once they are published the cat will be out of the bag.

Based on the fact that you are hunting for the killer product description template the two chapters we think you’ll get the most value from are–

Chapter 2: For every 1,000 product pitches encountered the shopper buys 1️⃣ item (and we’re being generous). If the goal is to have the consumer choose your product we need to understand their selection criteria– we need to understand their buyer psychology. Marketers who nail this will always outrun their peers.

Chapter 3: Conversion optimization work typically focuses on design and layout changes. We don’t limit ourselves to design and layout. Through extensive experimentation, we realized that the thing that moves the conversion needle 🧭 are the words and ideas expressed on the page. Conversion copywriting is where it’s at.

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bringing awesome value thankyou, be nice to hear your take on pre-sell pages leading to product pages?

avatar post author

Hey, Carl. Made you a video:



Amazing reply! so the example might be where we create an attracting TOF ‘article’ like:
“Want the best juicer, why you need a Twin gear”

At the lower part of the pre-sell page, we then have product placement linking to the product page.

We do need to fulfil on the promise we made getting them to the page. I am now inspired to have the 2 pages relate & follow through much more closely !

avatar post author

Bingo 🙂



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