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One Way to Address Price Sensitivity 

SodaStream sells machines that carbonate water. Their products look like any ordinary coffee maker, but instead of coffee, you get to enjoy sparkling water. Their site does a nice job of explaining the product and how easy it is to use. However, there is one potential problem — justifying the price.

The Problem & Why It Matters

For our idea, we looked specifically at their Fizzi product page. This product starts at $89.99, but is as much as $119.99 with the “hydration pack”. We suspect that some new shoppers may find that to be a little steep for something that carbonates water.

However, we believe this is a fair price, and we’re certain SodaStream does too. Here’s why: if you’re already a frequent sparkling water drinker, then this product pays for itself… quickly. 

The problem is that the site is not explaining this to its shoppers. Sometimes, shoppers need a little bit of help to become more comfortable with the price. If we can do that, then they’ll buy more often.

How Messaging Solves the Problem for New Buyers

Here’s our hypothesis: If we can show new shoppers how the Fizzi actually pays for itself, then they’ll be more likely to add the product to their cart and checkout. We also believe this will encourage more shoppers to buy the $119.99 “hydration pack”.

In our concept, we added a call to action above the two price options:

Price justification example

Once a user clicks on our call to action, they’ll see this lightbox window:

Price justification explanation modal.
Click image to see zoomed view.

Here is the copy from the lightbox window:

There’s nothing more refreshing than a sip of carbonated water.

But popular brands like Perrier or San Pellegrino are charging upwards of $1.50 per liter of water. More importantly, many of their bottles are made of plastic, which often ends up in landfills, our oceans, and pretty much everywhere else it isn’t supposed to be.

With our Fizzi Hydration Pack, you’ll be able to enjoy refreshing carbonated water for only $0.50 per liter (or, if you use our gas exchange program, $0.25 per liter).

In other words, the Fizzi will pay for itself and eventually put more money back in your wallet down the road.

But more importantly, our included water bottles are reusable, which means you’ll no longer have to worry about discarding plastic.

Last year, the average American used 167 water bottles but only recycled 38 of them. With Fizzi, you can change that 167 to 0 and, together with our 180,000+ SodaStream customers, have a positive impact on the environment.

In this modal (basically a popup) window, we do a few things:

  1. Explain how much cheaper per bottle the Fizzi is 🆚 popular brands like Perrier or San Pellegrino.
  2. We explicitly say that because of this, the Fizzi will put more money in the shopper’s wallet down the road.
  3. As an added bonus we mention that the shopper will help the environment by not wasting any plastic bottles.

We believe that this messaging will allow shoppers to easily justify the price of this product. And when they do that, they’ll be more likely to purchase the product.

Why We Picked This Location to Insert This Message

We picked this product page because (based on reviews) the Fizzi is likely this site’s bestseller. We suspect that this product page receives the most traffic and contributes the most sales. That’s the perfect A/B testing formula.

Lastly, we placed our call to action above the two price options to increase its visibility. How does this increase the call-to-action’s visibility? What’s the first or second thing you typically look at when on a product page? It’s probably the price, right? In our testing, we’ve seen higher click-through rates on our call-to-actions that are located near the product price.

Want Access to Stash

The price justification example above was merely an appetizer. The main course is where the magic is. Now that you’ve seen a glimpse of something very few marketers know the next logical step is to pull back the curtain and see marketing secrets the world’s best marketers want to keep to themselves.

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I think your diagnosis is sound but your remedy awkward. People don’t want to read paragraphs of text. Better execution – Create a simple graphic comparing buying 10 bottles of fizzy water to bubbling 10 bottles with soda stream. Show the cost difference and the environmental difference. Boom. Done. Communicated at a glance.

avatar post author

Mark: Create a simple graphic comparing buying 10 bottles of fizzy water to bubbling 10 bottles with soda stream. Show the cost difference and the environmental difference.
Rishi: I agree with you 100%. Our concept is super copy heavy. I prefer your solution. Point noted.



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