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This Is the Best Email I’ve Seen …

… Here’s why–

The first thing I love is that the email is hyper focused.  The retailer only wants to talk about their 24-7 Pants.  No noise, no distraction.  What’s also interesting is the specific order in which content has been presented–

1 (this is what the reader sees first):

The email gets the reader’s attention by making an offer that only applies to email subscribers.  I received this email March 29th and the sale opens to general public April 1st, so I have 3 days to act.  The headline adds an element of urgency.

2 (this is what the reader sees second):

Social Proof– I know Harry’s Army Surplus is in the business of selling 24-7 pants, so their word has limited credibility (I’m a skeptical consumer).  However, I am very interested in hearing what other customers like me felt.  I like how Harry’s Army Surplus has nicely summarized customer feedback.  Most email readers skim.

3 (this is what the reader sees third):

Some people are persuaded my words, others by video.  Market to both and double your response rate.

4 (this is what the reader sees fourth):

Features section is where the reader understands what makes 24-7 pant so special.

5 (this is what the reader sees fifth):

Now that the email has activated the reader’s desire center Harry’s has to explain why this offer is so incredible.

It’s important to note that Harry’s Army Surplus is a 1 store operation and they probably don’t even have a full-time marketing manager.  In that reality, this email is very well done.  The one content snippet I would’ve added is– “We’ve reserved 24 24-7 pants for our email subscribers.  This email has been sent to 12,230 email subscribers.  Click Reserve My 24-7 Pant and we’ll hold yours for the next 2 days.”  Clicking Reserve My 24-7 Pant would be a micro-conversion and the act of clicking it would subconsciously persuade clickers to visit the store.


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