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Copywriting Secret: Minimize Anxiety

As a marketer, if we can’t minimize anxiety we have zero chance of converting the shopper. The user on our site is coming with anxiety. The marketer needs to be a mind reader– she needs to first anticipate the types of questions that her visitor may have and then she needs to expertly address them.

Our Brain is Protecting Us

We’re living in a sea of choices:

This is why we need to minimize anxiety

If our brain was easily convinced by every pitch it met, we’d be broke. To prevent this broke-ness our brains have developed a safety mechanism. When we encounter a pitch our brain starts throwing up questions– these are subtle reminders to buyers to be absolutely sure of what they are doing. Most of us are operating in a semi-aware state (scientists call this System 1 mode). We are aware of things around us but mostly in glossing mode, even when shopping online.

The brain is trying to active our system 2 mode (the rational side).

Good marketers are super tuned into the types of negative thoughts their shoppers have and are ready to squash that concern moment it arises.

Why Minimizing Anxiety Is So Damn Important

As the shopper is going through your sales pitch and falling for your solution, their subconscious brain is working in the opposite direction. What makes this a high-pressure situation for the marketer is that if the reader gets to the bottom of the sales pitch and still has important unanswered questions then they simply will not buy.

There are two main in which the marketer can minimize anxiety:

– By identifying anything in their sales pitch that may be considered too good to be true.
– And by identifying anything on their sales pitch that may trigger a negative thought. Things like: missing features, inferior features, costs, and confusing elements.

Examples + explanations to minimize anxiety are presented here.


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