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Review Count & Buyer Psychology

A large number of product reviews look impressive but could be a problem.

Let’s start by understanding the buyer psychology of reviews:

  1. Reviews drive conversions. According to Reevoo stats, 50 or more per product can mean a 4.6% increase in conversion rates.
  2. Reviews also reduce return rates. Products with 50+ reviews have a return rate that is half of those with less than 5. (Bazaarvoice.com research).
  3. Consumers are 124% likelier to buy from a smartphone after reading a positive review.

Readycloud.com has 20 more such stats around the conversion power of product reviews.

The trouble starts when you end up with a huge number of reviews.

Casper.com’s Original Mattress has 19,154 reviews:

The buyer psychology of product pages with thousands of reviews.

So, what is the marketing team to do? Casper has an excellent solution. They allow shoppers to sort reviews by keywords.

Keywords like: Comfort, Body Pain, Couples, Motion Isolation, Sleeps Cool, Trial. This is brilliant.

No one has the time to read through 19,000+ reviews. And this is why having a filter mechanism has such a big influence on buyer psychology.

Dearborn Denim has a similar solution:

There’s more

For a long time I’ve been convinced there must be a better way to deal with customer reviews, especially in cases where the review count is really big. If you’re looking for a radical idea to use product reviews to improve conversion rates click here.

Buyer Psychology and Product Reviews

Review Counts and Conversion Rates


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