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Your Satisfaction Guarantee Matters: How to Write One That Increases Conversions

A 30 day guarantee, 60 day guarantee, 90 day guarantee — no matter what you offer, your satisfaction guarantee page is valuable and deserves a bit of a makeover. When done right, this will increase conversions and revenue.

Think about it. What can you guess about someone who visits your satisfaction guarantee page?

  • They are likely someone who is unsure of you as a company.
  • They are likely nervous about placing their first order.
  • And they likely want to know that they’re protected if anything goes wrong post-purchase.

But here’s the problem: 99% of satisfaction guarantee pages read like legal contracts that are full of jargon. As a result, the very pages that are meant to reassure shoppers are making them second guess their decision to buy even more.

So what is one to do?

How to Write a Better the Best Satisfaction Guarantee Page

To write an effective satisfaction guarantee page, i.e. one that comforts shoppers and increases conversion rates, you need to do one thing — yes, one:

Show your shoppers your personality & talk to them like a real person, not a lawyer (we’re only kidding).

This is how BottleKeeper does it. Pay attention to their opening sentence (but it’s not just the opening — the whole guarantee drips of personality and authenticity):

BottleKeeper's effective satisfaction guarantee message
BottleKeeper Satisfaction Guarantee Message

Said another way, you need to think of this page as another place to make your pitch and sell. You wouldn’t fill your ad copy boring, lifeless information. Don’t do it here either.

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