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How to Increase Shopify Store Conversion Rate

If you’re thinking of ways to improve your Shopify conversion rates you’ve come to the right article. This is the topic we’ve been exclusively focused on for the last 13 years.

My basic conversion optimization philosophy is this:


– If you are spending on advertising your product page matters because it’s where paid traffic lands.

– If you aren’t spending on advertising your product page matters because it’s the last stage of the ‘window shopping’ experience. The shopper knows they’ll need to pull out their credit card 💳 beyond the product page.


Typically, fewer than 20% of visitors return. This means we have one shot at converting this buyer.

How to Increase Shopify Store Conversion Rate


The job of the product page isn’t to describe your amazing product, it’s to sell your amazing product.


People new to your product page are in a promiscuous state (they are simultaneously considering other alternatives). So the marketer needs to first activate their attention, then establish trust, then demonstrate product expertise, then resolve buyer objections. There is a very specific formula for constructing a winning sales pitch. This is covered here: conversion copywriting checklist.

Getting this formula just right really matters. It’s like baking a cake– you may know the basic ingredients, but what separates a master maker from the rest is the exact proportions the master baker has perfected over years of fine-tuning.

The revenue difference between using the formula and using the perfect formula is 10x. So A/B test relentlessly.

The challenge with the newsletter format is I can’t cover all details in a weekly email because it’ll be too much to take in one shot. So I share a little each week.

That’s good, but also bad because you are only getting to see a small portion of the whole picture.

Those interested in the whole picture should check out my chat with Tracy Laranjo. This episode went live a week ago. I love it because Tracy did a great job setting a casual and friendly environment. I think the episode turned out well and think you’ll like it too.

How to Increase Shopify Store Conversion Rate

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Further Reading

We hope you enjoyed this article where we discussed how to increase Shopify store conversion rate.

We’ve spent the last 13 years in our marketing lab, experimenting with ways to optimize conversion rates and grow sales. We’re ready to spill the beans.

The following articles will save you 13 years:

— Before revealing the secret that’ll improve conversion rates by 20% let’s zoom out to see the forest for the🌲: Optimize Conversion Rates: A Totally Different Approach

— For every 1,000 product pitches encountered the shopper buys one item (and we’re being generous). You want this to be your product. How do our brains choose? They rely on a ranking algorithm, not dissimilar to the one Google uses for search results. Our conversion copywriting process is designed to get your pitch to the front of the line.

— The link above revealed how to construct the perfect sales pitch. Next, this killer pitch needs to be infused into your product page. We have just one chance to convert this visitor (only 15% of visitors ever return). Read this next: Infusing Your Product Story To Your Product Page.

About Frictionless Commerce

We deliver an unfair advantage to technical product DTC brands (for example, Dyson) by improving advertising effectiveness by 20% in 90 days. This is achieved using a buyer psychology conversion copywriting framework. All paid traffic eventually reaches the product page and this is where we strike. Our process.

If you like doing the hard work yourself, our founder Rishi shares conversion ideas on LinkedIn every day. Connect with him here.

If you want to make your life easier and still increase conversions, jump on a call.


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