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Having a Compelling Offer

Marketing campaigns are like antibiotics. Effective initially but lose value over time.

Retailers need email signups so we’re constantly thinking of new hooks.

Seen this one?

Spin the wheel offer on Ashley Furniture site.

4 years ago the first marketer to use this must have made a killing (if killings were email signups).

But that was 4 years ago.

As a marketer, my job isn’t to copy old ideas. My job is to constantly think of new ideas.

Now let’s talk about Noah Kagan. Noah is a marketer. He needs people interested in marketing to follow him so he can convert their attention into a sale at some point.

Perfectly legitimate goal.

But Noah is a genius marketer. He doesn’t just want to show an offer, he wants a killer one.

And killer offers can’t be bought off the shelf. They are forged in fire.

Don’t just think outside the box, think outside the factory that makes the boxes.

Noah knows his audience is marketers.

Here is the killer offer Noah created:

Noah Kagan $1,500 value offer. Includes books by Seth Godin.

What makes this a compelling offer?

1: Because Noah is offering things that marketers would find interesting. I want to read books by Seth Godin. Kettle & Fire is very hot in the direct-to-consumer space right now. If you’re a marketer you’ve heard about it.

2: This offer is different from others I see all. So it benefits from the “novelty effect”

3: Noah is a tastemaker. Other markers trust his opinion. He’s tried some meh products. Thanks to him I can avoid the bad choices Noah made and just get to the good stuff.

4: Chance to win $1,500 worth of stuff.

5: More than one chance to win $1,500 worth of stuff. Once you enter I can do bonus actions to increase my odds (gamification).

Just in case you are interested in signing up: link to Noah’s offer.


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