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Don’t Share This Secret

I’m going to ask a question: 

“What are the most important pages on your site?”

If your answer is … 

“Oh, gosh, there are so many”

… you’re definitely thinking about your online business wrong.

A term we use internally is “Focal Point”. We define it as a very important step in the conversion journey.

Basically, it’s a page where the rubber hits the road. For a lawyer site their “get in touch with an injury lawyer” page would be a focal point. For your site, it could be your top selling product page or cart page.

But here is the thing, you can’t have more than 5 focal points. If you do then the whole concept becomes meaningless. It’s the equivalent of saying “every product listed on my site is super important”.

When you say that you are taking attention away from that superstar product that’s driving 40% of sales.

So here is what’s needed: Go through your analytics data and identify the 5 most important pages on your site. No more than 5.

Now, just focus on these 5 pages.

Do the following:

— Read the page from top to bottom and consider every angle. Does the page leave any unanswered questions?

— Consider every objection a skeptical buyer might pose. Is the page objection resistent?

— See the page on your phone (60% of site visitors see your site this way).

— Use a tool like Hotjar to run a poll on this page and ask random visitors their feedback (does the page suck?).

— Take a blank piece of paper and recreate the page without looking. We are easily influenced by what’s on a page (it’s called functional fixedness). The best way to reimagine a page is to recreate it from scratch.

I am confident if you do this every 6 months you will never need to hire me. It’ll make me obsolete.


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