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Be A Storyteller

Jewelryboxdirect.com sells gold dipped roses.  But they don’t just sell them, they also tell a story.  On every gold dipped rose page is an impossible to miss link–

And when visitors click this (as I’m sure 90% do) they’re told a fantastic story–

1. How did we come about doing this (selling the roses)

We have operated a retail jewelry store, since 1974 in Minneapolis. In 1994, on a tip from another jeweler, we started to market the all gold rose to our customers in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Within two years, we were selling over 1,000 roses per year! We traveled to Thailand on a fact finding trip and added the lacquered rose trimmed in 24k to our inventory & marketing. Upon hearing about our successes, other retail jewelers that we knew nation-wide asked how they could acquire the roses for their stores and we sort of fell into the role of supplying gold and lacquered roses to jewelry stores nation wide. We currently provide gold and gold trimmed roses to over 1500 stores in the US and Canada.

2. Each rose is a one of a kind creation.

Because each rose is made one at a time, each one is an individual creation. They are truly a work of art. You will never find them in a big box store because the production of our gold roses is very time consuming and therefore very limited. Also, demand for our gold roses has always been larger than our ability to make enough of them.

3. Where the roses are made.

The all gold roses are made in California with a specific type of rose that is grown in a special part of the state. In contrast, the lacquered roses trimmed in 24k gold are made in Thailand where the talented Thai artists invented and perfected the process of creating the lacquered rose.

4. Beware of cheaper imitation knock-offs.

Other countries with cheap labor have attempted to copy the process of making the lacquered roses trimmed in 24k gold. Don’t be fooled by price alone!! These knock-offs come from a cookie-cutter type of mold process and the quality is drastically inferior.

As the name implies, jewelryboxdirect.com is a site that sells jewelry display cases, which means most site visitors are taking a detour to see gold dipped rose category, which means this would be an impulse buy.  When shoppers make an impulse buy they are in an emotional state of mind.  And when they are in an emotional state of mind stories have a huge persuasive sway.

And the best part is jewelryboxdirect.com can test multiple versions of this story to discover the one that generates biggest revenue lift.


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