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Copywriting Secret: Amplify Desire

To amplify desire is to increase the likelihood of a shopper buying.

We’re living in a noisy world with many marketers vying for attention. The shopper is well aware that she has choices. So she responds to your advertising message cautiously. For your offer, she has a motivation level of 4, which is good enough for her to visit your site but not good enough to pull out her credit card.

For that, you will need to systematically work to get amplify desire from 4 to 8+ (which is the minimum that’s needed to pull the trigger.)

There are many ways to amplify desire: you could offer a special discount, package a one-time bundle, etc., etc. Many paths are available to the marketer.

Our philosophical view is to singularly focus on conversion copywriting as the device by which we amplify desire.

Our objective is to transfer our enthusiasm to the shopper. We already know this buyer has a problem, we know they are looking to solve it. You have an invention that solves a real problem and is better than competing options.

But here’s the thing, if this information isn’t presented to the buyer in an exciting way, she will not feel motivated enough to buy. That would be a shame not only because she didn’t buy our product, but she also ended up buying a competitor’s product that was objectively worse but more enthusiastically pitched.

When we say amplify desire through enthusiasm we’re not talking about adding exclamation marks !!! or smiley faces 😊. We’re talking about using irrefutable principles of buyer psychology.

How to Amplify Desire

In our sales pitch construction kit article we mention nine fundamental truths about shoppers. The four that most closely relate to amplifying desire are:

5: Are visual animals
6: Need motivation to break habits
7: Love personalized experiences
8: Like knowing they’ve stumbled onto something rare

Examples + explanations about these four items are in this article.


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