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A Word on Remarketing

Remarketing (or retargeting) people who have visited your site previously is a valid strategy (especially today when users are more distracted than ever).


If you are dumping remarketed traffic to your homepage/category/product page, you might be leaving dollars on the table.

Think of it this way: The visitor to your site didn’t pull the trigger because they read your pitch and weren’t convinced. How will showing them the exact same pitch word for word produce magic the second time? It won’t.

But what you can do is take these “not yet sold” visitors to a page that’s been crafted just for them. That’s much more likely to do the trick.

This post was inspired by an experience. I visited Worthy.com, studied the heck out of their site, wasn’t sold and left. So I saw this remarketing ad:

Worthy remarketing ad

But when I clicked it I was taken right back to their homepage. So I left.

Instead of taking a user back to the homepage, I believe Worthy.com should take them to a landing page that contains content relating to the user’s needs.

To provide some context, Worthy.com is a service that auctions your no longer needed wedding rings, necklaces, earrings, and so on. Based on what I was able to see when deconstructing their site, it looks like their focal point is wedding rings.

So what we did is design a custom landing page that Worthy.com’s remarketing ads will take users to.

Take a look (if you’re having trouble viewing the copy on mobile, pinch and pull to zoom in!):

Here’s an annotated version so you can see the reason behind each of our choices:

Creating custom landing pages may take some resources right now. But the return you’ll see from your remarketing will make the extra effort worth it.


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